Large Chicken Coop and Run for Sacred Heart Primary School, Westhoughton

Large Chicken Coop and Run

Another early start today for the drive from South Wales up to Bolton to put up this chicken coop for The Sacred Heart Primary School in Westhoughtonas part of their building works being carried out by HH Smith Builder.  This house is to replace their previous house that was remove due to the building work.  Lots of snow on the way up there but nothing too much on the road.  But it’s so cold!  When will spring arrive?

We had a bit of snow to clear before we could see the ground and thee was lots of mud due to all the building work.

9x21' large walk in chicken coop and run. External nest boxes, pop hole and 12" base plinth

9×21′ large walk in chicken house and run. External nest boxes, pop hole and 12″ base plinth

The chicken coop is our 9×21′ large coop and run.  It’s fitted with an anti dig mesh to stop anything digging next to the run.  It’s got a 12″ base plinth so the base can be loaded up with litter without it falling out through the mesh.  It also gives the chickens some extra shelter from the wind.  There is a pop hole  in the run so the hens can get out and explore.  There is a nest box either side of the house.  We suggest a house this size would be suitable for up to 20 hens on a permanent basis, with extra run space the house will accommodate up to 27 birds.

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