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Money off for Fresh Start For Hens Re-homers

We’ve joined up with Fresh Start for Hens to offer £6000 of  discounts voucher to people re-homing their first hens through their up coming re-homings.  Each of these 1000 £6 vouchers will be distributed by FSFH and primarily aimed at people taking on their first ex-commercial hens.  The vouchers will help towards your first few purchases for chicken equipment.

Who are Fresh Start for Hens?

Fresh Start For hens

They are a non profit group who liaise with farmers to collect their hens at the end of their commercial life – normally around 18 months old when they have their first moult and egg production pauses for a few months. The hens are then distributed through regional centers where they are assessed and then passed on to their new owners.

These hens can be from any of the 3 types of farming methods, caged (battery hens), barn (hens that are free to move within a barn but not outside) or Free Range.  All commercial hens normally become pet food at the end of their working life.

They also work work to enlighten people as to the plight of the commercial hen, and demonstrate that there are alternatives to early slaughter.

How do I re-home ex-commercial hens?

There are several groups that work with farmer and organise the distribution of ex commercial hens to new home. Fresh Start for Hens is one of them and they are are approaching  50000 re homed hens to date.

To find out when the next rehoming is there is a page on their website to reserve hens from FSFH .  All new keepers are vetted so prevent hens being sold on for profit and to ensure they have suitable accommodation.

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