Custom built run for Omlet Cube

A modified 3 sided run for use with an omlet cube.

customised walk in run for use with an omlet cube chicken

This run was based on our 3-sided chicken run that is designed to attach to an existing wall or fence.

The customer required the height to be reduced to fit within the limits of the existing wall so the panels were all made shorter.  It means you can’t stand up as you can in the full size version but still perfectly usable as the basic size.

The panels all feature the 6″ base plinth to allow a good layer of litter to be used in the bottom of the run.  There is a pophole to allow the hens out, into the garden and a separate port to attach the omlet cube to.  The roof is our normal, green coroline bitumen sheeting  which offers a long life and no where for red mites to hide.

The full height version would like like the one shown below.

Full height, 6×12′, 3 sided chicken run with 6″ base plinth



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John Marlen-Summers

John is one of the owners of Wire Fence. He's got a knack for fencing and spends most of his time putting together 'crash courses' to help customers understand the products and website.

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