Custom built and wheel chair accessible chicken coops and runs

Our chicken coops and runs can be modified to your own spec.

Although our range of chicken coops and runs are offered in standard sizes based on a 3′ wide panel we can often build your run to your specific size at no extra cost.

If you need your house or run to be a specific length we can do this at no extra cost by making one panel smaller.  ie if you want an 11′ long run we charge you for a 12′ run.

If you need a specific width we can also cater for that although there would be a small extra charge as some parts require slightly more work.

We can also build your coop or run with a wheelchair accessible door, and if you like we can include a ramp to cover the small step that is unavoidable.  As these take up 2 of our standard panels they work best along the long side of the run.

Other popular modification are replacing mesh panel with solid timber panels to provide more shelter in the run and adaptations to mount existing housing on the outside via a custom position pophole.

Our current custom build project is a 6×8′ 3 sided chicken run to fit within a 5’3″ height limit.

This is a custom run based on our standard 3 sided chicken run. The length has been reduced to 8′ and the height reduced to fit under a 5’3″ height limit.

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John Marlen-Summers

John is one of the owners of Wire Fence. He's got a knack for fencing and spends most of his time putting together 'crash courses' to help customers understand the products and website.

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