Chicken Coop and run for Community Garden

6×12′ chicken coop and run supplied to Groundwork for use in a community garden in North London.

Our most recent installation was a 6×12′ chicken house and run as part of a community garden project being run in the grounds of a North London school.  This chicken coop features a 6″ base plinth to contain the wood chip litter that will be used in the base, an anti dig mesh skirt to deter foxes from digging into the run and a ChickenGuard door opener


This project was coordinated by Groundwork, a UK charity promoting greener living in community and educational settings.

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John Marlen-Summers

John is one of the owners of Wire Fence. He's got a knack for fencing and spends most of his time putting together 'crash courses' to help customers understand the products and website.

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