Automatic Chicken Door Comparison

Which is the best automatic chicken door opener?

It’s not quite as simple as “which door opener is the best?” but which is the most suitable for you.  Below we have compiled a quick comparison of the main models available.

Considerations when selecting an automatic chicken door opener

Do you want a single operation mode?  Automatic chicken door openers that operate in only one mode have limitations although they are also cheaper. The limitation of a single mode automatic door opener is that it will need adjusting according to the seasons so the door shuts at the optimum time – you don’t want it to open too early or late as this will put your hens at risk from predators.  The ideal method would be to open according to time so you can open the door once it’s light and there is human activity and then close according to light level as the hens will normally go to bed at the same light level every day. Some models have both functions as standard, others have it as an optional extra.

Do you want manual controls?  It sounds a good idea initially but if you have some that have stayed out a little late you can just lift the door up.  This is quicker and easier than the motor will open the.  The only excepting is for occasions when you want to put them in earlier.

Do you want a remote light sensor?  If you want to operate the automatic door opener according to light levels but want to mount the control box inside you’ll need one that allows you to use a remote sensor.


Model Timer Light Sensor Weatherproof lifting capacity manual controls low battery warning Price remote light sensor remote control
Chicken Guard Standard yes no yes 1KG yes no £97.20 N/a no
Chicken Guard ASTI yes yes yes 2KG yes yes £111.60 no no
Chicken Guard Extreme yes yes yes 4KG yes yes £132.84 no no
VSBb optional extra yes yes 3KG no no £119.95 optional extra no
TItan automatic door opener yes no yes 1KG no no £96.96 N/a no
Chuxaway yes no motor yes, control box no. 0.75kg yes no £69.95 N/a no
Titan with timer/light sensor yes yes yes 1KG no no £108.28 no no
dawntilduskdoors no yes yes no data no no £67.99 no no
hen safe yes yes yes 5 kg yes yes £129.99 optional extra no
JT-KS optional extra yes yes 3KG optional extra no £99.99 optional extra optional extra

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