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Butterfly Proof Netting

butterfly-proof-nettingButterfly netting will stop butterflies laying eggs keeping your crop larvae and caterpillar free.  This allows your cabbages and other brassicas to grow bigger, faster and without damage.

Key info:

  • UV stabilised
  • Allows bees through to pollinate
  • Soft mesh material – can be laid directly on top of crops without damage
  • Also protects against cats and birds
  • Lasts about 8-10 years with care
  • High strength – won’t stretch
  • Rot free
  • Easily cut to size with sharp scissors


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How can you tell that you have a butterfly problem?

If you see Cabbage white butterflies flying around your garden it is best to protect your crops.

The process:

  • Cabbage whites will lay eggs under the leaves so even if you don’t see butterflies in your garden check under the leaves too.
  •  It will only take around 1-2 weeks for the larvae to appear. The larvae will proceed to eat its way through cabbage leaves at a speedy rate.
  •  Unfortunately, even a handful of larvae can eat their way to the core of your vegetables so it is worth being thorough when checking.
  •  To prevent this from happening at all, protect your fruit and veg using the mesh above.



Can I use the butterfly netting on my farm?
Yes.  This product can be used for residential or commercial use.  You can easily cut the mesh to the size you require using a sharp pair of scissors

Can bees get through the butterfly proof netting?
Yes.  As long as the holes in the mesh are 6mm x 6mm honey bees will be able to pass through allowing them to pollinate your crops.

How do you apply it to crops?
It is light and strong enough to be draped directly over your crops without damaging them. You can also erect the mesh over your vegetables using poles, which will help to keep other pests away, such as birds.

Will this kind of mesh stop crops from growing?
No.  In fact the opposite. This product will help your crops grow quicker and bigger as they won’t be under attack. The mesh allows bees to pass through the holes to pollinate your crops.

Can I use it on ponds?
Yes, due to the strength of the material, this netting can be used to protect fishponds from birds. However, depending on the amount and size of the birds it might be better to select from our purpose made anti-bird netting

What crops will this product work with?
It is most commonly used to protect cabbage and other types of brassica such as cauliflower, broccoli, calabrese, purple sprouting, Brussels sprouts, kale etc.

However, you can use this type of net for any type of crop or shrub by draping directly on top.

What should I look out for when buying this type of net?
Whilst there are different options available the most important features to look out for include;

  • A hole size or 6mm-8mm – to keep butterflies from getting through but allow bees to pass through allowing them to pollinate your crops.
  • UV resistant – so the material doesn’t deteriorate in the sun
  • Light material – so that it won’t damage your crops


Can you use galvanised wire as support?
Yes.  Simply create a perimeter around your crops using the wire then drape the netting over the wire.  Make sure you weight the bottom of the mesh down using stones or bricks so there are no openings available for the butterflies to get underneath.


Common Uses

  • Butterfly cages
  • Fruit and veg cages



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