Butterfly Netting

Protect your vegetables from butterflies and caterpillars.

Butterfly netting creates a barrier to egg-laying, preventing caterpillars from devastating your crops.

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Product Information: Butterfly Netting 


Type Manufacture Properties
HEAVY DUTY Made from UV stabilised extruded Polypropylene Very strong, thin strands form a lightweight, rigid mesh. Hard to tear and long lasting. Can be moulded around plants & structures.
SOFT UV stabilised, woven HDPE (multifilament construction) Soft, feels like fabric to touch. Suitable for laying directly onto crops. Mesh holes not big enough for bees to pass through.


How to use Butterfly Proof Netting Description
How it works Acts as a physical barrier between crops & butterflies preventing them from laying their eggs and in turn, caterpillars eating the crops
Use with: Frames, canes, hoops, cages, cloches or place directly onto crops (but make sure you leave enough height for growth and so butterflies cannot land on leaves to lay their eggs)
How to implement Create desired support structure then drape netting over, making sure it is evenly spaced out. Secure at top and base with pegs. Leave no gaps
Watering & Feeding Should be done through netting 
Pollination If using SOFT option, remove during pollination
Handling Cut with scissors 
Suitable for: All types of vegetables & plants, in particular brassica vegetables: cabbage, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, calabrese, purple sprouting, Brussels sprouts
Not suitable for: Frost protection 


Attach to: With:
Wooden Frame Cable ties, Staples
Metal Posts Cable ties, Tying wire
Soil Pegs