Ordering and paying for a chicken coop from Green Valley Poultry Supplies.

Below is an extract from our Terms and conditions relating to ordering chicken coops.

Our aim is always to get your chicken coop to you as soon as possible but we have to work within the limits of our resources and each house is custom built for you,  the parts needed for your house may not be the same as any other orders for several months.  The number one reason anyone’s order takes longer than estimated is delays caused by other customers.    This is why we now ask you to pay a deposit to secure your place in the queue and then the balance when we are ready to build your house.

We have in the past only required the deposit when the order is ready to be despatched but we find this regularly leaves the workshop clogged up with finished work that is waiting for payment.  It is not uncommon to find a customer may not be ready to pay, or may want to delay delivery until a time that suits them.  With a finished job sat in the workshop with time, materials and space committed to it this delays work on any subsequent orders.  This is frustrating for us and anyone else waiting in the queue. When we request the installment prior to starting work we begin by making the smaller items that can be stored or easily transferred to another order.  Once these parts are made and the balance paid we begin on the main structure of your chicken coop.  If the balance isn’t paid with in a few days of the request we will move onto the next order and your order will be moved back in the queue until payment is made. We won’t cancel your order unless you specifically ask us to in which case the cancellation fees will apply.

Ordering Poultry Housing

All Poultry Housing (including run panels) are made to order. The website will give you an approximate indication of the delivery time although this is not a guaranteed delivery time and can vary. We work on a first come, first served basis for large houses and runs, and custom builds. Orders for run panels will normally be manufactured when a similar spec panel is being manufactured for a large house or run. Small chicken houses are built in batches of similar designs.

Payments Terms for Chicken Houses :

All housing orders under £600 : payment in full to confirm order.

All housing ordered using our express service : Payment in full to confirm order.

Walk In Runs / Walk in Coop and Run can either be paid in full, or in stages. If you wish to pay in stages you can order online and use the payment option to send card details separately or place the order by phone.

Walk in Run / Walk in coop and run DIY assembly : 50% deposit to secure your place in the workshop followed by the balance in full when work starts on your order.

Walk in Run / Walk in coop and run with on site assembly : 30% deposit to secure your place in the workshop followed by 30% when work starts on your order. Balance is due on final handover.

We will send you a payment request for the deposit and any interim payments. Any delay in payment may cause your order to be delayed.

Cancellation of Housing orders

With the exception of orders placed using our express build service you have a 14 day cooling off period in which you may cancel your order and receive a full refund. Between 14 days and the start of building your order you may cancel but will forfeit the deposit (if you have paid in full you will receive a refund for the balance). Once assembly work has begun on your order it is not possible to cancel.

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