Conservatory Roof Shade Netting

Make use of your conservatory shade netting during the hot summer months by reducing the heat with shade netting.

Key Info:

  • Easy to do DIY install and remove during summer months
  • Cut to size using scissors
  • Won’t rip or tear
  • Lasts up to 10 years
  • Cheaper than a new permanent roof
  • Reduces the erosion of your roof that the weather can cause
  • Has the same effect as sitting under the shade of a large tree


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Is this type of shading/heat reduction better than other options?
It is a very good option for reducing heat in a conservatory environment.  It prevents heat from entering the area you want to cool down.

How shade netting compares to other options;

  • Tinted polycarbonate sheets: this type of product reduces the glare of the sun but it does not reduce heat
  • Double glazing: this options will trap heat in the conservatory rather than reflect the heat
  • Blinds: this option will reflect direct sunlight from the middle of the conservatory but heat will remain in the room


What colour do you recommend?
We recommend green as fits well with the colour of your garden.  Both black and green will reduce glare and heat as well as hiding dirt.

How does conservatory shade netting work?
The mesh deflects sun rays and heat from entering the conservatory.

Does rainwater drain from the roof as usual?
Yes.  The netting is permeable, allowing water to pass through it.

Common uses

  • Greenhouse
  • Nursery
  • Kennel / Animal enclosure protection
  • Crop protection
  • Tunnel and tunnel ends