Our chicken runs and poultry cages are spacious and secure, and suitable for home or commercial use. Available in:

  • Material: Aluminium and iron mesh
  • Length: 1.58 – 1.82 metres
  • Width: 0.63 – 1.82 metres
  • Height: 0.61 – 0.93 metres


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What is a chicken run?

It is a fenced or enclosed outdoor area for chickens, where they can forage, scratch and sun bathe. Runs are also designed to keep them safe from predators like foxes.

How much space do chickens need in a poultry run?

You should aim to give the chickens as much space as possible. If they are chickens that free range outside of the run, you need 1 square foot per chicken as a minimum. For chickens that are inside the run at all times, you need to aim for around 10 square feet per bird.

Can foxes get into chicken and poultry runs?

Foxes are wily and adept at breaking into any fenced area to attack chickens. Using a secure and sturdy covered metal chicken run will help prevent fox attacks, while combining this with fox-proof external fencing should also help to protect your poultry.

Can chicken fly out of coops and runs?

While chickens cannot fly for long distances, most are able to fly over 4 feet, so they an clear a lot of fences. Covered runs prevent chickens from escaping this way.