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Cat Cage Mesh

Strong, rigid wire mesh used by commercial catteries to construct cat cages and fences.

Key Info:

  • Build a cat fence, outdoor cat run / enclosure
  • SUPER PRIME mesh used by commercial catteries
  • Galvanised steel – strong, durable & high corrosion resistance
  • 25mm x 25mm hole size prevents them poking claws through
  • Lightweight, cut with wire cutters


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Full product details

Properties: Welded Wire Mesh

Property Description
Material High grade galvanised steel
Grade: ECONOMY Hot dip galvanised after mesh has been fabricated. Long life. Available in 16g. – 1.6mm diameter
Grade: PRIME Pre-galvanised electro-zinc coated wires are welded together to form final mesh roll. Smooth, uniform finish. Used by catteries. Available in 15g. – 1.8mm diameter
Grade: SUPER PRIME Double galvanised: pre-galvanised wires are welded together to create final mesh which is then hot dip galvanised for added long life and corrosion resistance. Smooth, uniform finish. Available in 16g. – 1.6mm diameter thickness
Appearance 25mm x 25mm uniform, rigid silver mesh
Handling Lightweight mesh, runs straight. Cut to size easily with wire cutters