Gabion Ideas


Scroll down to find gabions ideas from traditional structures through to more inventive ways they can be used. 



Relaxing Sight


This water feature looks truly spectacular, offering a relaxing view. The credit for this architectural design goes to BadecBrosGroup, who made sure to do a precise job, making the project aesthetically pleasing. 


Water Feature


This beautiful water feature is sure to leave every visitor in awe – the source of the fountain is cleverly incorporated into the gabion cage, making it seem like the water is flowing out of the rocks. Surrounded by amazing green scenery, this project is surely a success!


Love Your Garden – Water Feature

love-your-garden-water-featureAlan Titchmarch’s team also added a gabion-based water feature to the garden project, resulting in a beautiful composition. The pipes go through the gabion cages, pumping water outside, fountain-style. The iris bamboos planted inside the gabions may seem like an unlikely combination, yet the results show that it can work wonderfully. 



The Bug Hotel


This unique bug hotel was created by St James Church Eco Group, using our gabion cages. They pitched us with the idea and kept us posted with photos throughout different stages of the project. It is now the proud residence of an ever enlarging population of diverse bugs. 


Insect Resort


This lovely bug hotel was created by Steph Hill from @stephhillgardendesign, who made her gabion ideas come to life, offering shelter for the insects living in the area. She also placed some flower containers on the top in the hopes of the sedum filling the gaps and spilling over the gaps once it’s grown. 


Garden Ninja Bug Hotel


Garden Ninja Lee Burkhill has reused old bricks to fill this wildlife gabion in one of his garden design projects. 



Easy Gabion Seating


For the beginner landscaping enthusiasts looking for easy to create gabion seating ideas, this project by Matt of Many Trades offers just that. Here you can see the results of his work (along with a sweet four-legged special guest), but you can watch the whole video where he builds this bench and explains everything you need to know. 


Outdoor Classroom

This stunning project was created by Youngwilders, a non-profit focused on accelerating the rewilding of the UK and involving young people in the movement. They used our gabion cages to create the outdoor seating for the classroom – safe to say that we are incredibly impressed with the results!


Tranquillity Zone


Another customer photo shows a seating feature, using gabion cages filled with light grey pebbles and some lighter-shade wood to complement the look. The bench area is surrounded by a variety of greens, making it a wonderful combination of modernity and nature. 


Sitting in Nature


This sitting feature also uses gabion cages of different heights in order to create benches and a table. The size and colour of the stones filling the cage vary greatly, however, it still works wonderfully in creating a uniform composition. 


Infinite Bench


This project shows how gabion ideas can be used to create a longer bench, even one that follows the shape of the pavement. This can result in a sharp edge, creating a sophisticated look. 


Resting Area


This customer project uses gabion cages to create a sitting area in a community garden, the colours of the bench being complemented by the elegant grey pebbles filling the gabions. 


Summer Theatre 


This is another elaborate creation, resulting in a large outdoor seating area – perfect for a summer evening in a children’s camp, or an outside theatre production. 


Modern Home


This beautiful modern house design incorporates gabion walls in several different ways. They can be seen outlining the outer wall of the building, as well as creating levels and acting as seating features, combined with some wooden planks. The finish is surely an elegant one! 


Gabions with a View


This bench by Handford Design has just the perfect placement to allow you to enjoy this spectacular view – and the bench itself looks spectacular too! The gabions make it unique and aesthetically pleasing at the same time, and the dark colour of the stones matches that of the planks. 


Enjoying the Quiet


This gabion bench also belongs to Mark Pendlebury, showing off a different part of his garden landscape. It looks stunning with the green scenery around it and the large stones completing the look. 


Relaxing Outdoors


This wonderful seating area uses gabion benches, matching these with some beautiful woodwork. This was also created by Utopia Landscapes, who did a great job designing this garden space.


Chilling Zone


This stunning outdoor seating area is guaranteed to bring life to your garden! The light colour of the stones, along with the grey textiles make the composition look elegant and sophisticated. The credit for this project belongs to Deodar Design


Sunny Seating 


This beautiful gabion seating area looks like an amazing place to soak up some sunshine on a summer day. Image courtesy: Discover Permaculture LLC. For more information about Geoff Lawton’s PDC go here.


Lovely Seating Area 


James Boughton Landscaping did an outstanding job creating this gabion seating area. It looks stylish and comfortable, with the stones filling the gabions creating a uniform look. 

Stylish and Cosy


This lovely bench was created by a customer who opted for this stylish solution to installing an outdoor sitting feature. It sure looks like a cosy space for enjoying a sunny afternoon! 


Modern Bench


This sitting feature looks like a comfortable spot for enjoying the good weather at get-togethers or for having late-night chats on a summer evening. The grey stones in the baskets are complemented by the black planters and planks, giving the composition a modern look.


Outdoor Coffee Time


This photo shows Deodar Design’s lovely sitting feature from a bit further away, showing off the large outdoor coffee table complementing the composition. This sure looks like a fun project and a cosy place to enjoy one’s morning coffee.



Welcome to Mexico


This project published by Backwoods Home Magazine brings us right into South America. The colour of the ground is perfectly complemented by the stones used to fill the gabion cages. Together, they create a stunning composition, replacing traditional fencing with something more special. 


Levelling Up


Gabion walls can be a great way to add levels to your garden – this example shows how this was achieved, also by Abundance by Design Permaculture.


Setting Property Lines


This gabion fence marks the border between the yard and the path leading up to the door. This can be a great way of splitting up the different areas of the property, creating balance and levels within the land. 


The Wall by the Lake


This customer project shows how nicely gabion walls can be incorporated into a garden design – the stones used to fill the cages are the same ones surrounding this small artificial lake, blending in well with their surroundings. 


Cabin on a Hill


This little cabin is built on a hill, making it hard to work with the levels and make proper use of the space. However, our customer who created this wonderful design was not discouraged by the challenge and used this gabion wall to do the trick. 


Stairway to Nature


This customer project blends in the gabions with the natural ground levels, resulting in a stunning outcome. The extra stones connecting the gabion cages give the impression that the structures are part of the natural environment. 


Love Your Garden – Retaining Walls


Another close-up from the Love Your Garden episode shows the retaining walls doubling up as planters, separating the Mediterranean plants from the walking paths. 


Wonderfully Contrasting

This retaining wall is a perfect example of using gabion ideas to elevate uneven ground levels. It also separates the plants from the rest of the garden, creating a contrasting finish.


Beautiful Wall


This is another great example of a gabion wall stealing the spotlight – we doubt it that it doesn’t draw the attention of every passer-by!


Achieving That Urban Look


This project was created by Our Home Projects, who wanted to create a retaining wall at the edge of their property. They opted for gabion walls, as they stay permeable, last long and have a great urban look – it was surely the right choice to make! 


Garden Composition


This beautiful garden by Mark Pendlebury shows off some beautiful green grass to complement the grey stones filling the gabion cages. This garden probably had uneven ground at the start, which was then fixed by creating levels with the help of a small gabion retaining wall.


Satisfying Composition


Another massive gabion wall is the creation of Rated by Trade. These cages are filled with stones of varying size and colour, resulting in a satisfying finish. 


Interlocking Stones


Yorkshire Gardens decided to go the extra mile, and make gabions more aesthetically pleasing by using completely interlocking stones. This makes the overall structure look much more attractive, while making it studier as well. 


Retaining Wall With Grass


Retaining walls can spice up any garden design, but what makes this one special is the grass on top of it, blending it in with the rest of the garden. This lovely idea belongs to Nordic Labour and the contrast created works great with the rest of the composition. 



Mini Gabion Garden


This lovely mini gabion planter was created by TG The Gardener, who also explained to his viewers how to make DIY gabions. Each mini gabion was filled with different types of pebbles, creating a versatile yet uniform look. You can watch the full tutorial on his Youtube page. 


Spiral Garden 


There are hundreds of ideas for unique planters and garden architecture, but this herb garden by Abundance by Design Permaculture is not only an aesthetically pleasing creation, but also very well-thought out. The upper part of the structure is best suited for heat-loving mediterranean herbs, while the water and shade loving plants can be planted near the bottom of it.


Planters Can Be Fun


This fun looking project by A Crafty Mix shows how to use gabion planters to spice up those boring pots and make your plants look more lively and tropical. The pebbles and greens create a great contrast, giving out those mediterranean vibes. 


The Flowers Among the Pebbles


Another beautiful example of gabion ideas – the reason this project works so well is that the wooden edges make the gabions blend in with the surrounding areas. It gives the illusion that the flowers are growing right out of the pebbles, ensuring a spectacular finish! 


Pottery Show

This video shows an unorthodox way of filling your gabion baskets – it was created by Rebecca Laflam, creator of Mud in Maine. She is a big fan of pottery projects and she decided to fill up this gabion plant stand with her pottery failures – a unique and stunning project, showing off her personality. 


Simple and Stunning


This is a simple, but beautiful planter, integrating a plant pot into the gabion basket. The finish looks natural and does a great job keeping the pot sturdy and safe from the elements. 



Steppin’ Up


This project was created by Riches To Roots, who made a video showing how to create gabion basket steps, completed with pour concrete platforms. It takes hard work, but the overall finish is surely stunning and worth the days spent! You can watch the full tutorial by clicking on the link. 


Another Brick in the Wall


Although stones and pebbles are the most common fillers of gabion cages, this doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with different materials. Red bricks are Britain’s favourites, yet they are not common to be seen filling gabions – we don’t know why, as they look fantastic in this customer project! 



Happy Colours


Just because gabion cages come in neutral colours, it doesn’t mean that you can’t brighten them up with a touch of warmth! This lovely project by A Piece of Rainbow makes sure to bring those happy vibes in your garden with those yellow features. 


Colourful Picnic Table


This picnic table is surely made special by the colourful pebbles filling these gabion cages. This project was created by Philippe Handford who designed it for an outdoor classroom. However, it can be a fun inspiration for all sorts of gabion projects, allowing the little ones to get involved by displaying their art on the rocks. 


Indoor Counter


Who said that gabions can only be placed outdoors? This unique customer project shows how these beautiful cages work fantastically as indoor counters – although it may sound like an unlikely combination, the green LED’s also add a special vibe to the overall composition. 


“Rockin’ Rock Desk”


If you can’t stop drooling over gabion design ideas, but don’t have the backyard space to make your dreams come true, you will surely love this clever gabion desk project by NewStudio Architecture. It creates a beautiful composition along with the wooden features and houseplants.



Gabion Garage


Gabion walls can be great for outdoor buildings such as garages, giving your yard a clean, modern look. This is surely a desirable architectural design! 


Copper Composition


These gabion cages are part of the composition of a garden chilling area. The copper colour matches that of the stairs leading up to the area with benches. This was created by Banyon Tree Design, and is part of a larger landscaping project. 


Gabions from Head to Toe


This building is made up of gabions all the way from head to toe! Although it might feel a little unorthodox, it is undeniably an unique and outstanding architectural design. 


Outdoor Structures


This building was constructed by one of our customers, closing up an otherwise open structure. This is a great idea for outdoor buildings such as sheds, that don’t require heating – the cages keep the wind and elements out, but don’t offer heat isolation. 


Utopian Garage 


This stunning futuristic garage showcases the design skills of Shaydzz Services, using gabions as part of the wall. They did a fantastic job creating a modern, stylish project using a combination of gabion fencing and metallic structures. 



Feels Like Autumn


This wall by Seastone Landscapes makes sure to match the colours of its surroundings. By choosing stones in the shades of red, a more natural look is achieved. 


Colourful Combination


Shade Home And Garden created this lovely fence design, combining gabion walls and traditional wooden fencing. The warm colours fill this project with life, proving that if you can’t decide between two options, sometimes choosing both can work even more wonderfully. 


Best of Both Fences


This is another gabion wall with interlocking stones, realised also by Yorkshire Gardens. However, this design has a flat top, offering space for an additional wall of wooden fencing, making the overall design more special – you can tell that they have a talent for making gabion ideas come to life! 


Fence Fever


Published by Life is a Garden, this is a perfect inspiration for those who are looking for gabion fence ideas for their garden. This particular fence has lighter-coloured pebbles, complementing the greens of the garden. 



Stunning South


This stunning composition was created by Cavill Design for a client, using gabion cages for multiple aspects of the project. The garden has a lovely mediterranean feel to it, while the gabions add a special touch to the finish. 


Sitting Around the Fire Pit


Want to have a unique fire pit area, while also unnoticeably evening up the levels in your garden? Then this project will be a great fit for you! The guests at your summer barbecue will surely be in awe when they see this beautiful composition, created by Abundance by Design Permaculture.


The Stone Garden


This photo was sent to us by one of our customers, showing off this elaborate creation using our gabions. The project features a seating area, several different levels of flowers and greens, as well as a shaded area, offering protection from the sun and rain. 


Love Your Garden – Overview


Taking a look at this project, it becomes evident that it is the work of experienced professionals. And that assumption couldn’t be more spot on, since this beautiful composition was created by Alan Titchmarsh and his team in the popular ITV show Love Your Garden. They used our gabions to create this stunning mediterranean paradise – the finish speaks for itself! 


Barbecue in Style


Another popular gabion creation is a summer kitchen – this customer created a modern and elegant barbecue area using gabion cages filled with light grey pebbles. The wooden countertop gives it a stylish finish, making it look like an inviting area to spend a summer afternoon in. 


Love Your Garden – Summer Kitchen


This close-up photo shows the summer kitchen area for the project realised by the Love Your Garden team. It’s built in the back of the shed, making extra use of the space provided by the back wall. The gabions filled with light grey pebbles compliment the countertop tiles beautifully, resulting in a stunning finish. 


A Lively Garden


This beautiful garden belongs to Jayne, who takes pride in the way she built her garden landscape – for a reason! She filled the gabion cages with more than just stones – bricks, wooden planks, branches, pieces of firewood. The results speak for themselves, making this garden truly special. 


Porch Moments


This lovely porch area was designed by Ryan Drewe Carpentry, who did an elegant job keeping the modern look of the house while bringing in a little extra by adding the gabion baskets. The overall composition looks well-thought-out, evening the levels for the base of the house. 


The Fruit of Labour


Creating this garden landscape took a lot of sweat and hard work, according to the garden designer behind it, Andy Bending. However, the result speaks for itself, presenting a wonderful composition of levelled gabion cages, steps and plenty of flower pots for decoration. 


Sundowner Area


This customer photo shows off a smart and aesthetic way of gabion landscaping – while the gabion cages act as a retaining wall, separating the relaxing area from the rest of the garden, they also create shade and sitting space thanks to their varying levels.


Gabions All Year Round


This bar and sitting area are the work of Bomber Building Solutions Ltd, who got commissioned to create this project. This area has been equipped with heating to offer all-year-round use, so the owners of the property can enjoy this stunning design at any point of the year!



You’ve got mail! 


This unique and beautiful idea was posted by Southwest Boulder, showing off a mailbox that is seemingly sitting on top of the stones. Upon some more inspection, it can be seen that there is in fact a pole hidden inside the gabion cage, however, the composition itself is still a creative one. 


Modern and clean


This garden by Utopia Landscapes has a modern landscape design, offering a clean, organised look for those wanting to enjoy some time soaking up the sun in the sitting area. What makes it even more special is the gabion retaining wall, separating this area from the greens planted around it.


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