DIY Gabion Fire Pit (WITH VIDEO)

This blog will show you how to make your own DIY gabion fire pit. Just follow the step- by-step instructions below.




Step 1) Unfold the Gabion


  • Unfold the gabion to its full size, ensuring all sides are properly expanded and ready for assembly.
  • This project was created using a 45×45 gabion.


Step 2) Cut the Helicals to Size


  • Measure the gabion panels and cut the helicals to fit accordingly.


Step 3) Attach the Corners


  • Fold the panels upward from the base and secure them by twisting the helicals into place, make sure they encompass the corners of both panels.
  • Repeat this process for all panels while leaving the lid open.


Step 4) Cut out the Lid


  • Cut out the lid to match the size of your bowl.


Step 5) Fill in the Gabion with Stones


  • Carefully fill the basket with large, durable, non-degradable rocks that are larger than the mesh aperture.
  • To achieve an industrial look, this project used granite stones.


Step 6) Close the Lid


  • Use the helicals to secure the top around the edges, ensuring a snug fit and that all rocks remain in place.


Step 7) Place the Fire Bowl


  • Place the fire bowl onto the cut lid panel.
  • You may need to adjust some rocks to achieve a perfect fit; a hammer can be used for this purpose.


Step 8) Enjoy Your Gabion Fire Pit 


  • Now you have learnt how to make a fire pit, it’s time to get cozy by the fire, stay warm, and treat yourself to some tasty marshmallows!




Tips and Tricks

After mastering the creation of a DIY fire pit using gabion, here are some tips and tricks to enhance your project’s appeal.

  • Use protective gloves when handling stones and working with tools to prevent injuries.
  • Select stones that are appropriately sized to fit securely within the cages, preventing them from slipping through the gaps.
  • Pick a flat area for your gabion basket fire pit, away from any flammable materials and with good ventilation.
  • Measure twice, cut once! Make sure all measurements are accurate before cutting any materials.
  • The better you arrange the rocks, the more attractive your fire pit will be, so take your time and opt for flat rocks in areas where you want a smoother appearance.


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