Wire Fence Gives £171 Discount To Support North Leeds Charity’s Conservation Project

Earlier this year, Caring For Life, a Christian charity in North Leeds, reached out to Wire Fence, seeking assistance for their Conservation Project. Their aim was to build drystone walls and gabion baskets around an amphibian pond to create safe barriers and diverse habitats.

About Caring For Life

Caring For Life is a Christian charity that was established in 1987 to extend the love of Jesus to individuals at risk and in distress, including those who are homeless. By offering ongoing support, housing, and companionship, we aim to assist people in moving beyond past difficulties and hardships towards a happier future.


About the Project

Seeking to enhance their Conservation Project, Caring for Life reached out to Wire Fence with a request for gabion baskets, essential for constructing protective barriers around their shallow amphibian pond.

The Conservation Project, a significant endeavour for Caring For Life this year, aimed to create a series of low drystone walls encircling their amphibian pond, incorporating eight essential gabion baskets into the design. These structures have a multifaceted purpose, serving as a protective barrier to prevent access to the pond, enhancing the pond’s visual appeal, and providing habitats for a wide variety of invertebrates.


Project Progress

Months later, Caring For Life’s Conservation Team, comprised of beneficiaries and volunteers, has made significant progress. Stone walls and steel gabion baskets now encircle the amphibian pond, creating a secure barrier while serving as bug hotels filled with logs, leaves, rocks, and branches.

Jake Auty, the Conservation Project Leader, shared his enthusiasm for the project’s success. The gabion baskets seamlessly integrated into the garden landscape, becoming a habitat for ivies, ferns, succulents, and a variety of invertebrates. The ease of assembly, particularly with the help of helicals provided by Wire Fence, made the construction process enjoyable for mixed-ability groups involved in the project.


Comments from Caring for Life

“The steel gabion baskets have more than lived up to expectations. Already they feel settled as part of the garden landscape and rather than feeling new and different they look like they have always been there.” – Jake Auty, Conservation Project Leader

“They are a really wonderful addition to our gardens and something we would consider using again in different areas of our grounds.” – Jake Auty, Conservation Project Leader


Comment from Wire Fence

“We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this project, and we want to thank Caring for Life for the wonderful updates and progress report they sent us, so we could truly feel incuded in the creation process. ” – Dora Pista, Wire Fence


Images of the project

The volunteers worked tirelessly on building the project
The gabion baskets doubled as bug hotels
The project was not only practical, but also creative


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