Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month: DIY Wire Paw Print

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, emphasizing the ongoing need for animal welfare. Wire Fence promotes awareness by creating a wire paw print designed to accompany the official emblem, the orange ribbon.



What is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month?

The ASPCA initiates Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, raising awareness about animal welfare issues globally. It advocates for responsible pet ownership, fights against factory farming, wildlife trafficking, and abuse in the entertainment industry. Despite legislative efforts, challenges persist, highlighting the crucial role of education and advocacy in fostering compassion and ethical treatment of animals.


Important facts

  • One animal suffers abuse every minute.
  • Over 110 million animals are killed in U.S. laboratories each year.
  • Each year, the U.K. food supply results in the slaughter of 6.4 billion land and sea animals.
  • The animals most commonly reported for abuse are dogs, cats, horses, and livestock.

Sources: World Animal Foundation, Shelter Animals Count, Animal Clock, The Humane Society


DIY wire paw print step by step

If you believe in the power of small actions to make a big difference, you can show your support for Animal Cruelty Awareness Month by wearing the orange ribbon logo. This blog will guide you through creating your own wire paw print which can be worn alongside the logo. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided below.


  • Experience Required: Low
  • Tools Required: Protective Gloves, Pliers, Wire Cutters, Glue Gun, Safety Pins, Black Paint (optional) 
  • Materials Required: Tensioning Wire, Orange Ribbon

Step 1) Gather the materials


  • Gather the materials needed for this project.

Step 2) Cut the tension wire


  • Cut a piece of tension wire into the desired shape (approximately 20-25 cm to create a 3 cm paw logo).

Step 3) Shape the hooks


  • Create four hooks to represent the toe beans of the paw.
  • For smaller toe beans, use the narrow part of the pliers’ nose. For larger ones, use the wider inside part of the pliers’ nose.

Step 4) Finish the shape


  • Complete the paw shape by forming a larger hook, which will represent the pad of the paw.
  • Cut the surplus material.

Step 5) Paint the wire paw print


  • Optionally, you can paint the paw any colour you’d like.

Step 6) Create ribbon loop


  • Form a loop with the ribbon and secure it with a safety pin.
  • If you want to create one for your pet companion, attach the ribbon with a glue gun.

Step 7) Add the wire paw


  • Attach the wire paw to the ribbon using a glue gun.

Step 8) Finished paw print logo


  • You can now proudly wear your finished ribbon as a symbol of animal protection advocacy during Animal Cruelty Awareness Month!

Printable Template


  • Use this template as guidelines to shape your wire paw print.
  • You can download it from the top of this page



Other ways to get involved

  • Choose Ethical Products: Opt for cage-free eggs and grass-fed beef to support animal welfare.
  • Adopt from Rescues: Adopt pets from rescue centers instead of buying from breeders or pet stores to reduce demand for animals bred in harmful conditions.
  • Report Abuse: Report suspected animal abuse to authorities or welfare organisations.
  • Support Laws: Advocate for animal-friendly legislation and policies to protect animals from cruelty and exploitation.
  • Educate: Spread awareness about the well-being of animals within your circle of friends and family.
  • Volunteer: Offer time to animal shelters for care, socialization, fundraising, or administrative tasks.
  • Fostering : Provide temporary homes for shelter animals awaiting adoption to ease overcrowding.
  • Promote Spaying/Neutering: Support responsible pet ownership by advocating for spaying and neutering to reduce overpopulation.


Organisations to support

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
For over 150 years, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has been dedicated to preventing animal cruelty, rescuing abused animals, and advocating for better laws nationwide. Help support their mission by donating to create a safer, more compassionate world for animals.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is a leading organisation in England and Wales dedicated to preventing animal cruelty, rescuing animals from harm, enforcing animal welfare laws, encouraging accountable care for pets. You can contribute to their vital mission by donating to help them to alleviate animal suffering.

Animal Equality UK
Animal Equality UK is at the forefront of the fight against the cruel practices of the animal agriculture industry. They are committed to saving as many animals as possible and to reducing the enormous suffering animals endure on factory farms. You can support their crucial work to create a world in which all animals are respected and protected.

Animal Aid UK
Animal Aid UK  vision is a world where animals are free from exploitation, with their rights protected by law. While striving for this long-term goal, they also campaign against all forms of abuse and promote cruelty-free living. You can help them supporting their campaigns to end animal cruelty.

World Animal Protection
World Animal Protection organisation is dedicated to transforming the global food system and stopping the exploitation of wild animals and creating a new world where they live free of suffering. With your help they can move the world for animals.

Together for Animals
Together for Animals is committed to improving the welfare of animals through collective action and support. They tirelessly provide essential aid, advocacy, and nurture for those in need, aiming to foster a world where all beings are esteemed and safeguarded. With your help they can change the lives of pets and working animals in need.

Four Paws
Four Paws is a global animal welfare organisation committed to safeguarding animals under direct human influence by exposing their suffering and rescuing them. Their vision encompasses a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy, and understanding. You can contribute to create a better world for animals.

Freedom for Animals
Freedom for Animals focuses on ending the suffering of animals held captive in circuses, zoos, and aquariums, as well as those exploited in the entertainment industry, live animal displays, and the exotic pet trade. You can show your support for their tireless efforts by making a donation.

Naturewatch Foundation
Naturewatch Foundation mission is to end animal cruelty and improve animal welfare standards around the world. Through campaigns, advocacy, and education, they strive to establish a harmonious coexistence between humans and animals. You can contribute to making the world a fairer place for all living creatures by joining their cause.

The Humane League
The Humane League is a leading force in combating animal abuse within the food industry. Their efforts have spurred a significant wave of corporate commitments to cage-free practices, positively impacting millions of hens and advancing animal welfare standards in the industry. One donation one step closer to end the abuse of animals raised for food.

Animal Free Research UK
Animal Free Research UK is a pioneering charity focused on promoting and funding innovative, animal-free research methods to replace animal testing. By funding research projects and raising awareness, they aim to accelerate scientific progress while reducing animal suffering. You can help build a brighter future for humans and animals.

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