How to Build a Gabion Retaining Wall

Below you will find a step by step guide on how to build a gabion retaining wall. 

Feel free to utilize the following information as a reference. If you have any uncertainties regarding the installation of your retaining wall, we advise reaching out to a Civil Engineer for guidance.




  • Experience Required: Hard
  • Tools Required: Shovel, Tamper, Protective gloves, Spray paint
  • Materials Required: GabionHelical, Stone, Gravel, Geotextile


Step 1) Identify location


  • Mark the location where you plan to construct your wall by using spray paint, rocks or alterative materials. 


Step 2) Dig


  • Due to regulations, the construction of retaining walls should always start at 50cm below the ground level. 
  • Gabion walls that are lower then 2m can however be placed directly on the ground or at a lesser depth.
  • For retaining walls of this height, digging down 20cm-50cm, or until reaching a solid substrate like clay rather than the topsoil should suffice.


Step 3) 6 Degree Slope


  • When retaining a significant amount of soil, ensure the hole features a 6-degree slope leaning backward.
  • In the case of smaller or decorative retaining walls, it’s acceptable to maintain an upright edge instead of the 6-degree slope.


Step 4) Add Gravel


  • Add a layer of gravel or basecourse measuring 20cm on top of the soil.


Step 5) Compact Gravel


  • Compact the gravel by walking and stomping on it.


Optional) Concrete foundation

  • Typically, low-level gabion walls don’t necessitate a foundation.
  • However, in cases of significant groundwater or weak soil conditions, a foundation might become necessary.


Step 6) Geotextile


  • Apply a geotextile or weed mat to the rear of the gabion baskets to prevent soil and debris accumulation behind the wall.


Step 7) Unfold the Baskets


  • Unfold the gabion baskets, lifting the sides. 


Step 8) Join the Cages


  • Assemble the gabion baskets, following the instructions. 
  • Use the helicals included in the kit. 


Step 9) Fill with Stone


  • Use the stone of your choice to fill the gabions.


Step 10) Close Lids


  • Close your baskets, folding down the lids. 


Step 11) Add Second Row


  • Position the second row of baskets directly above the first row, connecting them together using helicals.


Step 12) Fill and Join


  • Fill the top baskets with rocks.
  • Enhance security by connecting the baskets with helicals from front to back. Adjustments may be required by cutting some of them to fit the wall’s depth.


Step 13) Finished Project


  • Your 2m gabion retaining wall is finished!

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