DIY Round Gabion Planter

Below you will find a step by step guide on how to make your DIY round gabion planter. 

Step 1) Plan Design


  • Plan your design considering plant size and available space.
  • Use 2 smaller panels inside and 2 larger panels outside, leaving about 20 cm between them.
  • Note that panels will need to be overlap when joined, losing about 22.5cm of each sheet’s length.


Step 2) Connect Inner Panels


  • Start with the two smaller panels, which will create the inner compartment.
  • Overlap these panels and secure them together on one end using helicals.


Step 3) Bend Panels


  • Manually bend the panels until they form a rounded shape. 
  • You can also roll the sheets along a car tire or a similar round object.


Step 4) Connect Loose Side


  • Overlap the ends on the loose side as well and secure them with helicals.


Step 5) Cut off Excess


  • If necessary, use a wire cutter to trim any excess helical.


Step 6) Connect & Bend Outer Panels


  • Connect and bend the larger outer panels by repeating steps 2-5.


Step 7) Place in Final Location


  • Position your round compartments in the preferred location.
  • Then, place the smaller structure into the larger one.
  • Leave around 20cm of space between the two panels all the way around when arranging them.


Step 8) Join Panels


  • Connect the inside and outside panels using corner ties or tying wire, both at the top and bottom.
  • These ties should be spaced around 30 to 45 centimeters apart.
  • Consider that larger planters need more ties for stability, while smaller ones need fewer.


Step 9) Add Geotextile


  • Line the inside of the inner basket with geotextile before filling it with compost.
  • This prevents the compost from seeping into the outside compartment with the decorative stones.


Step 10) Fill with Compost


  • Fill the inner gabion with compost.


Step 11) Fill with Stones


  • Fill the outer gabion with the calculated amount of stone.


Step 12) Add Your Plants


  • Add your plant(s) into the compost in the inner basket to complete your DIY round gabion planter.



  • Choose 3mm panels because they are easier to bend when considering how to make a DIY round gabion planter.
  • Place your planter in its final location before filling it, as you won’t be able to move it afterward.
  • You can get creative with the design by experimenting with different styles, sizes, or types of stones. Feel free to be imaginative: your gabion can become a stunning piece of outdoor decor.






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