DIY Gabion Planter

This blog will show you how to make your own DIY gabion planter. Just follow the step- by-step instructions below.



Step 1) Unfold gabion


  • Unpack the gabion, ensuring all sides are properly unfolded and ready for assembly.


Step 2) Cut the helicals to size


  • Measure the dimensions of the panels and cut the helicals to match accordingly.


Step 3) Connect the corners


  • Fold the side panels upward from the base and fasten them using the helicals, ensuring they enclose the corners of both panels.
  • Repeat this process for all panels and keep the lid open.


Step 4) Measure your container


  • Measure your plant container and mark where you have to cut the lid panel.


Step 5) Cut out the lid


  • Using bolt cutters or an angle grinder, cut a hole in the lid large enough to accommodate the container pot.


Step 6) Start filling the basket


  • Depending on the height of your container, start filling your basket with stone. 


Step 7) Add your container


  • Place the pot on top of the stones so that it aligns with the top of the gabion.
  • Adjust by adding more stones underneath if necessary to achieve levelness.
  • Continue filling the basket around the pot until reaching the top of the basket.


Step 8) Close the lid of your gabion planter


  • Close the lid and join the corners with a helical, repeat this process for all corners.


Step 9) Finished DIY gabion planter 


  • Congratulations! You have successfully learnt how to make gabion planter. Now, enjoy the finished project!




Tips and tricks

  • When filling the basket with stones, vary the sizes and shapes to create an interesting and visually appealing arrangement.
  • Consider using different colored stones when filling the basket to add a more visually interesting look. Mixing colors can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the finished project.
  • Consider adding a layer of landscape fabric or geotextile under the basket to prevent weed growth.
  • Alternatively, you can incorporate plants or succulents between the stones for a natural and vibrant touch to your project.


Other gabion planter ideas

Of course, there are multiple ways to create gabion planters. Here are some interpretations that beautifully capture the essence of stone-filled structures, utilizing DIY materials while omitting traditional baskets.

Round planters

This project by A Crafty Mix uses PVC pipes and plastic coated wire mesh to create DIY gabions, turning them into this wonderful composition. Find the full guide on their blog.

Spiral planter

This unique design was created by Abundance by Design Permaculture, and it showcases a creative and visually appealing solution for garden landscaping. 

Wire mesh planters

This project by TG The Gardener also features three containers, though they are shorter than their counterpart above. He uses welded wire mesh to achieve the look. 

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