How to Make a Gabion Planter

Below you will find a step by step guide on how to make a gabion planter.


  • Experience Required: Medium
  • Tools Required: Wire clippers
  • Materials Required: Gabion, Helical, Tying wire, Container, Rocks, Soil

STEP 1) Add the Container

  • Place a bucket, flower pot or any other type of container into the center of the basket.
  • You will use this container to add your plants later.


STEP 2) Fill with Rocks

  • Tie the facing sides of the basket together with wire to provide stability and avoid bulging.
  • Fill the gap between the container and the sides of the gabion with decorative stones of your choice (at least 80mm in size).
  • Remove the wire after the rocks have been added.


STEP 3) Cut a Hole in the Lid

  • Fold the lid down onto the top of the basket.
  • Use a good pair of wire clippers or bolt cutters to cut a hole around the opening of the container.


STEP 4) Secure the Lid

  • Use tying wire or helical connectors to secure the lid to the side panels.
  • Check out our assembly instructions for more info on how to do this.


STEP 5) Add your Plants

  • Fill the container with a suitable potting soil.
  • Add your plants into the container.



  • You can also create gabion planters by placing a smaller basket inside a larger one and filling the gap between the two with decorative rocks.
  • In this case, you will need to remove the lid of the smaller basket and cut a hole in the lid of the larger basket to fit the smaller basket inside.
  • You will also need to line the inside of the smaller basket with geotextile or similar material that drains water but doesn’t let larger particles (like dirt or the potting soil) get through and eventually wash out of the planter. 
  • You can achieve the same effect if you use gabion panels instead of a smaller cage. In this case, you would need to attach the panels at the corners so they form an inner compartment. Afterwards, you need to line them with geotextile or a similar fabric to stop the potting soil from washing out of the baskets. 
  • It’s advised to have a 22.5cm room for the decorative stones. The minimum you can get away with is 15cm but in that case, the inner compartment might be still visible in between the rocks.

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