How to Make Your Own Gabion Baskets

Below you will find a detailed step-by-step guide on how to make your own gabion baskets. 


Step 1) Calculate What You’ll Need


  • Each gabion needs 6 panels for its 6 sides, all with equal dimensions for a cubic shape.
  • Therefore, the basket will have 12 joints in total.
  • Each joint is 100 cm long, so you will need 12 helicals (also 100 cm long each), to secure all the joints.


  • Step 2) Prepare Your Panels


  • Prepare all panels for the guide on how to make your own gabion baskets.
  • For cubes, placement is irrelevant as they’re uniform.
  • For varied sizes, match base and lid, front and back, and ensure side panels are identical.


Step 3) Attach First Panel


  • Start with the base and one of the side panels, and attach them together using helicals.


Step 4) Join Base to Sides


  • Following the previous step, join the other side, front, and back panels to the base.


Step 5) Secure First Vertical Corner


  • Fold up two panels in a corner and join them with helicals, twisting them downwards from above.


Step 6) Continue with All Vertical Corners


  • Following the procedure described in the previous step, continue attaching the remaining corners using helicals.
  • Leave the lid panel out at this step.


Step 7) Cut Off Excess (if applicable)


  • If either helical is poking out of your basket so far, cut down the excess using wire cutters.
  • Then, fold the ends of the helicals downwards using pliers.


Step 8) Secure Back of Lid


  • Place the lid panel on the top of the gabion, and secure one side with a helical.


Step 9) Additional: Use Corner Ties


  • To prevent bulging, especially with thinner panels, consider using corner ties.
  • Hook the corner ties onto the 4th wire from each corner (symmetrically on both sides) and at every 3rd hole vertically.


Step 10) Fill with Stones

  • Begin filling your diy gabion cage with stones.
  • Remember, the lid should only be attached at the back side while doing this step.


Step 11) Secure Lid after Filling


  • After you have finished filling the cage, secure all sides with helicals, and use pliers to fold the ends of the helicals inwards.


Step 12) Alternative: Empty Gabion


  • If you want an empty basket, finish securing the lid on the other three sides as well. 


How to Calculate for Different Sizes


  • You need 6 panels of 3 sizes (opposing sides same).
  • Helicals are 100 cm long. Cut shorter lengths in half with wire cutters. For 150 cm, combine 1 helical with a 50 cm length.
  • Calculate joint lengths, divide by 100 cm to find the helical quantity needed.



  • When planning how to build a gabion, if you’re making a cube, all panels will be the same size. But with varying sizes, ensure that opposing sides have the same dimensions.
  • Determine the amount of stone you need using our stone calculator page.



  • Choose 3-5mm panels; thinner ones may bulge, but use corner ties for added security to prevent bulging.
  • Each helical is 100 cm. Cut shorter lengths with wire cutters. For longer lengths, join 1 or 2 whole helicals or combine a whole one with a bespoke length.
  • If you don’t have helicals, you can connect the panels using tying wire or by creating helicals from wires.





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