DIY Cat Proof Fence

This blog will show you how to make your own DIY cat proof fence to keep your cats safe in the garden. Just follow the step by step instructions below in order to complete the project.



  • Estimated Completion Time: ~ 6 Hours  
  • Experience Required: Medium
  • Tools Required: Drill, Bolts and Nuts, Socket Wrench Screwdriver, Cable Tie Cutter, Tape Measure
  • Materials Required: Cat Proof Netting, Cable Ties, Brackets

STEP 1) Count the Posts


  • Count how many brackets you’ll need
  • The amount of brackets should be equal with the amount of posts you have
  • We used 30*30 cm brackets with a 90° angle 


STEP 2) Optional: Paint the Brackets


  • Spray paint the brackets in order to blend them in


STEP 3) Measure the Fence 


  • Measure each side of the fence in order to know how much mesh you’ll need


STEP 4) Cut the Mesh


  • Cut a separate piece of mesh for each side of the fence as you’re going to apply them separately to each side
  • Connect the corners together later


STEP 5) Drill the Holes


  • Drill holes in the posts in order to attach the brackets to it


STEP 6) Attach the Brackets


  • Attach the brackets to the post with bolts and nuts


STEP 7) Use a Socket Wrench Screwdriver


  • Use a socket wrench screwdriver to make sure the bracket is secured tightly to the post


STEP 8) Attach the Netting


  • Start to attach the netting to the brackets with cable ties


STEP 9) Secure the Netting


  • Secure the netting to the existing fence with cable ties
  • If you have a wooden fence use staples to attach the netting to the fence


STEP 10) Leave Extra Length


  • Leave a 5-10 cm hang 
  • If the mesh is more wobbly the cat won’t be able to climb on it


STEP 11) Join the Corners


  • To have a neat and secure result attach the corner bracket at a 45° angle compared to the rest of the brackets
  • Join the ends of the pieces of mesh together in the corner


STEP 12) Your Cat Proof Fence is Ready


  • Now that your diy cat fence is ready your cat can enjoy a safe time out in the fresh air





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Timi Schmidt

Timi runs social responsibility campaigns for Wire Fence, helping to raise funds for different charities month by month. She also loves to do DIY projects using whatever's at hand and share the results with the world.


    1. Hi Julie,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, this fence has successfully kept in the cat that is located inside the property!

      A tip would be to make sure you secure the mesh to the existing fence at every 10cm intervals to make that the cat does not squeeze through any gaps.

      Hope this is helpful,


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