How to Cut Wire Netting

Below you can find out how to cut wire netting with different tools depending on the thickness of the wire.


  • Estimated Completion Time: 10 minutes
  • Experience Required: Medium
  • Tools Required: Protective Wear, Scissors / Wire Cutters / Tin Snips /  Hacksaw / Bolt Cutter, Lineman’s Pliers
  • Materials Required: Wire Netting



  • Before you start, make sure that you wear protective gear.
  • Choosing the most suitable tool mainly depends on the diameter of the wire that you would like to shorten.


METHOD A: Scissors – Max. 0.21mm (35g)


  • Work with a partner so they can help you hold the mesh in place while you cut it.
  • Use a pair of household scissors while pulling the separated part away from the roll. 


METHOD B: Wire Cutters – Max 1.2 mm (18g)


  • Cut each strand of wire individually, as closely as possible to the weld points.
  • While you are doing this, pull away the detached part of the mesh to avoid any injuries.


METHOD C: Tin Snips – Max 1.2 mm (18g)


  • If the wire clippers seem too daunting, you can use tin snips instead, as they have a longer edge so they get the job don quicker.
  • Go close to the weld points and be precise as the snips might leave burrs.


METHOD D: Hacksaw – Max 5mm (6g)


  • You can shorten netting with stronger wire using a hacksaw, however this is a longer process as you would have to saw through each wire strand individually.
  • Start at the top and make sure that you keep a straight line as you go down.


METHOD E: Bolt Cutter – Max 10mm (0g)


  • The strongest wire mesh can be shortened with a bolt cutter, but this is also a longer process.
  • Open the bolt cutter and lay one of its arms on the ground.
  • Place the netting between its sharp edges and push the other handle down with force to snap the wire.




  • It is advised to fold back the loose wire ends to avoid any injuries.
  • Take a lineman’s plier and fold the wires inwards so that they no longer poke out of the mesh.
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