How to Install a Wire Mesh Fence

Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to install a wire mesh fence with different posts. 


  • Experience Required: Medium
  • Tools Required: Protective gloves, Wire cutter, Tape measure, Spirit level, Plier, Hammer, Post driver (for T posts), Spade (optional)
  • Materials Required: Welded wire, Staples or Cable ties, T posts or Wooden posts, Cement (optional)

Method A – Step 1) Mark the Location for T Posts


  • Use a tape measure to draw a straight line connecting the two end posts, indicating where the fence should be placed. 


Step 2) Measure Post Distance


  • First, measure and mark the locations for the T Posts.
  • Keep them spaced 2-3 meters apart.


Step 3) Install End Posts


  • Drive the end posts 50cm into the ground using either a post driver or mallet. 
  • Ensure that all end posts are facing the same direction to maintain consistency.


Step 4) Check for Same Height


  • Secure a string between the two end posts, then use a tape measure to verify the height of the installed posts.


Step 5) Check for Straightness


  • Double check that the posts are perfectly vertical by using a spirit level to ensure their alignment.


Step 6) Set in Concrete (optional)


  • To ensure a sturdy and long-lasting fence, improve its stability by securing the posts in concrete.
  • This process requires digging a 50cm hole and using cement to create a solid base for the posts to stand on.


Step 7) Install Middle Posts


  • To install the middle posts, follow steps 3 through 5.
  • Make sure that the posts are all facing in the same direction and are being placed in a straight and uniform manner.
  • For a more durable fence, use concrete to secure the middle posts.


Step 8) Attach Mesh to End Post


  • Start at the end post and fasten the netting securely to it by using cable ties.
  • These ties can be inserted through the holes that have been pre-drilled into the post.
  • You can always add multiple cable ties around the entire post.


Step 9) Attach to All Posts


  • Complete the wire mesh installation by securing the remaining section of netting using the procedure outlined in step 8.


Method B – Step 1) Mark the Wooden Post Location


  • Determine the placement of the posts, ensuring a distance of 2-2.5m between each post.


Step 2) Dig Holes


  • Start by digging a hole for the posts, making sure that its depth is approximately one-third of the length of the post.
  • Double-check with a spirit level to confirm that the posts are completely straight and vertical.


Step 3) Cement Posts In (optional)


  • Once the concrete has been poured into the holes, carefully place your posts in the center of the concrete.


Step 4) Attach Mesh to End Post


  • Take enough mesh to cover the space between the first two posts.
  • Attach the netting securely to the posts by using staples or cable ties every 15cm.


Step 5) Continue Attaching


  • Continue to properly fasten the unsecured part of the mesh by following the instructions outlined in step 4.


Step 6) Attach to Last Post


  • Secure the netting to the final post to complete the wire mesh fence installation.


How to Choose the Right Post

  • While considering options on how to install a wire mesh fence, remember that T posts are easier to drive into the ground, but wooden posts last longer.
  • Alternatively, use a combination of both, with wooden posts at the corners and T posts in the middle.



  • When using T posts, it’s important to pair them with mesh up to 14g. (minimum 2mm) to ensure proper installation.
  • Choose the hole size that suits your preference. For smaller animals, use a smaller hole size. For larger ones, you can opt for a hole with bigger openings. 






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