Customer Project of March 2024

WireFence has decided to choose and showcase the best customer project each month!
The team loves to see what customers are up to and how products are being used once they reach their final destination.
So the favourite project is chosen by vote at the end of each month, based on the review images and any additional ones sent via email or LiveChat. 

Pick of March 2024 – Greenhouse Roof & Cut Flower Support 

This month’s favourite project belongs to Joanna Rogers who decided to use mesh panels for various projects in and around her garden.


She attached several PVC coated mesh panels to the frame of the greenhouse roof to support the polycarbonate sheets, creating a sturdy and durable roof for the structure. 

Another batch of panels went towards creating long-term supports for cut flowers, which is a unique way of utilising this type of product.

The PVC coating will make sure that these supports are weather-proof and hold up for years to come, since they can last up to 120 years in regular conditions.

We love the sustainability piece in Jo’s projects – from a second-hand greenhouse to using up even the panel offcuts as plant trellises throughout the garden and going for the most durable panels in the first place to reduce the carbon footprint of the project, it was all planned out with an eco-conscious approach, which we appreciate to the fullest!

Decided to invest in coated steel mesh panels for long term cut flower supports. Also used panels to create a sturdy roof for my second hand greenhouse, with polycarbonate sheets attached (living on a hill in Scotland meant the only place the greenhouse could go was under a conker tree, no glass left 😏). The offcuts will be used to trellis plants in other areas of my garden.

The panels arrived quickly and have done the job nicely. I’m confident they’ll last years. Jo Rogers

Long-Term Cut Flower Supports


It would be a shame not to showcase a couple of other lovely customer projects as well, to serve as inspiration for anyone else looking for creative ways to utilize mesh products.

Honourable Mention – Mesh Panel Fencing


This boundary fence installed by Dan W. features the same type of panels as Joanna’s projects, except that they are galfan coated – which means they’re still very durable, lasting approximately 50 years. Metal T-posts and cable ties have been used to make the fence a breeze to install and providing a neat finish to this outdoor area, which we’re sure will host lovely summer evenings for years to come.

Dan let us know about a little hack he used to make his job easier with this fence:

” I used the most amazing £25 tool in the world which made installing the posts into my clay/chalk soil a breeze.”Dan W. from WildBreathe 

Honourable Mention – Gabion Walls


Duncan Maynard from Myriad Construction Ltd has been a loyal customer of ours since June 2023 and has used our BBA certified gabion baskets for a ‘myriad’ of projects, including the above imposing retaining wall.

“The staff at WireFence are exceptionally helpful. Their products are good quality and their customer service is excellent. I’ve placed multiple orders with them and I have no reason to look elsewhere.” – Duncan Maynard, Operations Manager at Myriad Construction Ltd

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