How to Attach Chicken Wire to Bottom of Fence

Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to attach chicken wire to bottom of fence on different materials. 


  • Experience Required: Low
  • Tools Required: Protective gloves, Wire cutter, Tape measure, Hammer (if using staples), Spade (additional)
  • Materials Required: Chicken wire mesh, Staples (for wood) or Cable ties (for metal), Pegs

Step 1) Identify & Measure Your Location


  • Measure the length of the location where you plan to attach the netting.
  • When measuring the height, be sure to include a few extra centimeters to allow for overlap with the existing fencing.


Step 2) Cut Down Mesh (if applicable)


  • Use wire cutters to cut the netting to the measured length.
  • Be sure to leave a few extra centimeters for overlap, ensuring a secure fit when attaching the netting to your existing mesh.


Step 3A) Attach Chicken Wire to an Existing Wooden Fence


  • When working on how to attach chicken wire to bottom of fence, start at one end, pull the netting taut against the barrier.
  • For wooden fences, use staples to secure the mesh, placing them at 15cm intervals to ensure a firm and even attachment.


Step 3B) Secure Chicken Wire to an Existing Metal Netting


  • For metal fences, such as chicken wire, chain link, or welded mesh, create an overlap.
  • Use cable ties to secure the overlapping sections, placing the cable ties at 15 cm intervals to ensure a strong and stable connection.


Step 4) Secure Netting to Posts


  • While attaching chicken wire to fence, ensure you secure it to the posts as well.
  • Use staples for wooden posts and cable ties for metal or T posts.
  • Make sure that it remains straight and taut throughout the process.


Step 5) Secure to the Ground


  • Secure the netting to the ground by pegging it down every 60 centimeters.
  • Insert pegs into the ground, making sure the hook catches the bottom of the netting.


Step 6) Optional: Dig a Trench and Bury Mesh


  • Dig a trench along the fence line, approximately 15-30 cm deep.
  • Place the bottom edge of the netting into the trench.
  • Backfill the trench with soil, pressing it down tightly to hold the netting in place and stop animals from burrowing under it.



  • On the process of how to attach chicken wire to bottom of fence, you can use cable ties as a temporary measure to secure the netting to the wooden posts before securing it with staples.
  • Ensure to pull the mesh taut without overstretching it when securing to maintain its stability. Overstretching can weaken the mesh, increasing the likelihood of it breaking under pressure.
  • Use PVC coated mesh to enhance corrosion and weather resistance. This significantly extends the lifespan of the netting, ensuring durability even in harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Bury the bottom edge of the mesh several centimeters underground to deter animals from digging underneath.






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