How To Install T Post Fence (8 EASY STEPS)

In the blog below you will find how to install T post fence quickly, in just 8 steps. 


  • Experience Required: Medium
  • Tools Required: Tape measure, post rammer, string, spirit level
  • Materials Required: T posts, wire mesh panels, cable ties, cement (optional)




Pro Tips

  • When pushing the posts into the ground ensure they are facing the same direction so that the holes are lined up. If you don’t the panels will not be in a straight line
  • Use a spirit level to regularly check the posts are straight as they can move out of position whilst you are installing them.
  • Install the posts into concrete if you require a very strong fence.  If the fence is temporary do not use concrete as it will be a lot harder to remove them.
  • For an extra strong T post fence, you can cement the middle posts as well as the end posts.
  • You could increase the strength of the panel connection to the posts by increasing the number of cable ties.  You could also use tying wire instead of cable ties
  • You can extend the distance between the posts by connecting two panels together using cable ties
  • The ease of installing the posts will depend on whether the ground is soft enough to push the posts into the ground.  A post rammer will usually get the job done but if the ground has a lot of stones you may need to dig a hole instead.



T-post fences are often used to build garden fences or to keep medium-sized animals in or out of an area.  They are easy to install when compared to using wooden posts that require you to dig a hole and cement them into the ground.   As long as the ground you plan to install the T posts is free of too many stones then it is usually possible to use a post rammer to push the T posts into the ground saving you time and effort.   

By using wire panels instead of welded wire mesh or chicken wire the speed of installation will also be a lot quicker. Wire panels are rigid making them perfect for fence installation as they do not require tensioning to keep them straight.  As long as you choose the correct wire hole size and wire diameter the fence will do a great job of keeping animals in or out of your garden.  

Follow the instructions above to learn how to install t post fence.  If you have a question then leave a comment below and we will reply with any information that you need.


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