How to Install a Fox-Proof Fence

Below you will find a step by step guide on how to install a fox-proof fence.


  • Estimated Completion Time: 2-3 Days
  • Experience Required: Medium
  • Tools Required: Shovel, Hammer, Wire cutters
  • Materials Required: Fox proof fencing, Staples / Cable ties, Pegs, Wooden fence posts, Fence overhang brackets


STEP 1) Digging a Trench

  • Dig a trench around the perimeter to a 5cm depth and a 30-60cm width.


STEP 2) Placing the Fence Posts

  • Place your wooden fence posts to an even distance of about 2-2.5 meters for effective fox-proofing.
  • Make sure you have one at each corner of the area.
  • Hammer the posts to a minimum depth of 30 centimeters into the ground.


STEP 3) First Section With an Overhang and ‘L’ Shape Below Ground

  • Take a piece of wire mesh long enough to cover the distance between the first two corner posts. Bend 30-60 cm at the bottom of the mesh in an ‘L’ shape pointing outward, in the direction of the foxes.
  • Bend the top 50 cm of the mesh to a 45 degree angle, creating an outward facing overhang.
  • Secure the section to the corner posts using staples (or cable ties for a quick fix).


STEP 4) Continuing on the Other Sides

  • Repeat the steps above on the other sides of the area.
  • Secure the mesh to all intermediate posts. Pull the fence taut against each post and use the staples every 15 centimeters.
  • Make sure to staple the wires loosely so that the fence can move a little on impact and temperature changes.


STEP 5) Securing the Flap to the Ground

  • Use pegs to secure the flap to the soil. Staple them right at the 90 degree angle and at the outside edge of the flap at about every 60 centimeters.


STEP 6) Finishing Touches

  • Use wire cutters to remove any excess mesh. Check for any gaps in the fencing to make sure you get the best fox proofing results.
  • Cover the outside flap with soil or mulch to hide it.

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