DIY Wire Mesh Bird Feeder

This blog will walk you through the steps of creating a DIY wire mesh bird feeder.



  • Experience Required: Low
  • Tools Required: Pliers, Wire Cutters, Drill or Bodkin Needle
  • Materials Required: Welded Wire Mesh , Cable Ties, Plant Pot Saucers, Threaded Rod, Washers and Nuts


STEP 1) Measure the Mesh

  • First, measure a 30cm high and 40cm long piece of mesh. 


STEP 2) Cut the Mesh



STEP 3) Make a Tube


  • Make a tube out of the wire mesh by overlapping the two sides (a section about 2 holes wide).
  • Use cable ties to secure the ends at 3 points. 


STEP 4) Make Holes on the Bottom Plant Saucer


  • Make 2x 2 small holes in the bottom plant pot saucer with a small drill bit (one on the left and one on the right side).
  • The small holes are going to be used to tie the tube to the saucer.
  • Make a hole with a utility knife in the middle of the saucer that is the appropriate size for the threaded rod. 


STEP 5) Tie the Wire Mesh to the Base


  • Cut 2 approximately 5-7 cm long wire pieces.
  • Place the tube you made on the base and tie it down with the wire through the little holes.


STEP 6) Place the Threaded Rod


  • Take the threaded rod and run it through the middle hole.
  • Slide on a washer and a nut at the bottom and one nut on the inside so the plant pot saucer is held between them.
  • Slide another nut on the top of the threaded rod for the top saucer to sit on.


STEP 7) Make a Hole on the Top Saucer


  • Take the larger saucer and make a hole with the utility knife in the middle of it.
  • The size should be appropriate for the rod to go through.


STEP 8) Fill the Feeder


  • Fill the feeder with bird food before closing it off with the top saucer. 
  • Make sure the food doesn’t all fall out the holes (you can use honey bird seed)


STEP 9) Finish Up with the Top Nut


  • Place the top saucer on the tube and secure it with a washer and the hoop nut.


STEP 10) Making Perches


  • For the perches the easiest and simplest method is to use small sticks.
  • Slide the sticks through the holes.
  • Make sure that they are long enough that the birds can sit on them.




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