DIY Wire Mesh Bird Feeder

This blog will walk you through the steps of creating a DIY wire mesh bird feeder.



  • Experience Required: Low
  • Tools Required: Pliers, Wire Cutters, Drill or Bodkin Needle
  • Materials Required: Welded Wire Mesh , Cable Ties, Plant Pot Saucers, Threaded Rod, Washers and Nuts


STEP 1) Measure the Mesh

  • First, measure a 30cm high and 40cm long piece of mesh. 


STEP 2) Cut the Mesh



STEP 3) Make a Tube


  • Make a tube out of the wire mesh by overlapping the two sides (a section about 2 holes wide).
  • Use cable ties to secure the ends at 3 points. 


STEP 4) Make Holes on the Bottom Plant Saucer


  • Make 2x 2 small holes in the bottom plant pot saucer with a small drill bit (one on the left and one on the right side).
  • The small holes are going to be used to tie the tube to the saucer.
  • Make a hole with a utility knife in the middle of the saucer that is the appropriate size for the threaded rod. 


STEP 5) Tie the Wire Mesh to the Base


  • Cut 2 approximately 5-7 cm long wire pieces.
  • Place the tube you made on the base and tie it down with the wire through the little holes.


STEP 6) Place the Threaded Rod


  • Take the threaded rod and run it through the middle hole.
  • Slide on a washer and a nut at the bottom and one nut on the inside so the plant pot saucer is held between them.
  • Slide another nut on the top of the threaded rod for the top saucer to sit on.


STEP 7) Make a Hole on the Top Saucer


  • Take the larger saucer and make a hole with the utility knife in the middle of it.
  • The size should be appropriate for the rod to go through.


STEP 8) Fill the Feeder


  • Fill the feeder with bird food before closing it off with the top saucer. 
  • Make sure the food doesn’t all fall out the holes (you can use honey bird seed)


STEP 9) Finish Up with the Top Nut


  • Place the top saucer on the tube and secure it with a washer and the hoop nut.


STEP 10) Making Perches


  • For the perches the easiest and simplest method is to use small sticks.
  • Slide the sticks through the holes.
  • Make sure that they are long enough that the birds can sit on them.





    1. Hi Judy,

      The plastic pot tops we used are roughly 15cm and the threaded rod is around 33cm long.

      However you can actually use larger or even smaller tops you just have to make sure that there is enough place for the bird food.

      Hope this is helpful.


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