How to Cut a Chain Link Fence

You want to know how to cut a chain link fence? Below you can find out the easiest and most effective ways.


  • Estimated Completion Time: 1 hour
  • Experience Required: Medium
  • Tools Required: Mini Bolt Cutter, Marker
  • Materials Required: Chain Link Fence

METHOD A – STEP 1) Mark the Strand


  • Chain link has a woven construction so to make sure you follow the same strand when cutting, it’s best to mark it from bottom to top. 
  • Use a marker and follow the strand of wire that you’d like to cut.


METHOD A – STEP 2) Cut One Strand of Wire


  • Grab a mini bolt cutter and cut the marked strand from bottom to top.
  • Make sure you follow the strand of wire which is marked so you get a straight line.


METHOD A – STEP 3) Remove the Excess


  • Remove the small offcuts of wire that are weaved in the intact piece of chain link.


METHOD A – STEP 4) Pull Away the Cut Down Part


  • After you’re done removing the offcuts, pull the separated section away from the rest of the roll. 


METHOD B – STEP 1) Mark the Strand


  • To make sure you follow the same strand when unhooking the ends, mark along the length of the strand where you’d like your first section to end.


METHOD B – STEP 2) Undo Ends of the Wire


  • Use a plier to unhook the top and bottom ends of the strand you just marked.
  • Straighten the wire’s ends so you can untwist it through the links easily.


METHOD B – STEP 3) Unweave the Strand of Wire


  • Start untwisting the strand while pulling it towards you.
  • Work with a partner as you need the extra hands to unweave the strand.


METHOD B – STEP 4) Separate the Sections


  • If you unwove the strand of wire all the way, you’ll automatically have two clean sections of chain link so you just need to separate them by pulling them apart.



  • Unweaving a strand is easier and quicker to do than cutting through each individual link so the second method is recommended for shortening this type of fencing.
  • Make sure to unroll the chain link fence the correct way: you should do this on a flat even surface and the loose end of the roll should face upwards. 






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