How to Stop Gabion Baskets Bulging

Below you will find different methods on how to stop gabion baskets bulging. 


  • Experience Required: Low
  • Tools Required: Protective gloves, Wire cutter, Pliers, Screwdriver
  • Materials Required:  Corner ties, Tying wire




  • Bulging usually occurs when gabion baskets warp out of shape due to thin wire, increased force on the face or choosing the wrong shape of stones.
  • This can be corrected by bracing the baskets with tying wire or by using corner ties.


Step 1) Start Filling 


  • Start filling the basket with stones until you reach 1/3.
  • Brace the gabions at 1/3 and 2/3 or at every 3rd hole vertically to prevent bulging.


Method A – Step 2) Make a Loop


  • Cut a piece of tying wire just over twice the length of the basket.
  • Make a loop from the back to the front and twist the ends together.


 Method A – Step 3) Twist the Loop


  • Start twisting the loop around itself with a screwdriver or a flat stone.


Method A – Step 4) Twist Until Tensioned


  • Twist until the wire is tight between the two sides of the gabion.


Method B – Step 2) Insert the Corner Tie


  • Hook the corner tie onto the 4th wire from each corner (symmetrically on both sides).


Method B – Step 3) Lock the Tie into Place


  • Twist the end of the hook around the corner tie.


Method B – Step 4) Twist the Other Hook


  • Twist the other hook as well.
  • Make several twists to ensure the tie is firmly anchored.


Method C – Step 2) Simple Tying Wire Method


  • Use a piece of tying wire slightly longer than the gabion’s length and connect the facing sides.


Method C – Step 3) Form a Loop


  • Form a loop and twist the end of the tying wire around itself until the cage is sufficiently tensioned.


Method C – Step 4) Finished Result


  • This is a quicker and easier method that can speed up the process of bracing.
  • We recommend using the first 2 methods for a more durable result.


Step 5) Repeat Steps


  • After you completed bracing the first 1/3 of the gabion, add a new layer of stones until you reach the next 3rd.
  • Repeat the steps of your preferred method.


Further Tips on How to Stop Gabion Baskets Bulging

  • Depending on your project, choose a suitable wire thickness steel basket (min. 4mm).
  • Choose interlocking rocks to achieve straight edge finish.
  • Try to position the flat surfaces of rocks against the basket walls.
  • Place the rocks manually in the cage to ensure straight edges and have a better control over organising the stones.



  • Don’t neglect the use of braces at 1/3 and 2/3 filling levels.
  • Avoid using low-quality or thin wire baskets.
  • Don’t forget about regular inspections and maintenance.





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