How to Make Topiary Frames with Chicken Wire

This blog will show you how to make topiary frames with chicken wire and how to decorate it with succulents and moss. Just follow the steps below in order to recreate this topiary cat sculpture.



  • Estimated Completion Time: ~5 Hours  
  • Experience Required: Low
  • Tools Required: Pliers, Wire Cutters, Protective Gloves
  • Materials Required: Chicken Wire, Succulents, Moss, Multi Purpose Compost, Coco Liners

STEP 1) Prepare Materials and Tools


  • Make sure you get everything you need for your DIY topiary frame project including chicken wire, succulents, coco liners and the tools mentioned above


STEP 2) Measure and Cut the Mesh


  • Follow the shapes shown in the picture above and cut the pieces of chicken wire for the sculpture accordingly
  • Measurements:
    • Body (2 pieces) : 55H * 40L cm;
    • Head (2 pieces): 18 cm dia.;
    • Ears (4 pieces): 8L cm


STEP 3) Connect the Identical Pieces


  • Start to connect the identical pieces to each other by twisting the loose ends together


STEP 4) Assemble the Sculpture


  • By connecting the identical pieces together you will form the body, the head and the ears of the cat sculpture 
  • Leave the bottom open in order to fill the parts with multi purpose compost and later attach them to each other


STEP 5) Insert the Coco Liners


  • Cut the coco liners into pieces in order to line every part of the sculpture
  • Line the sculptures with the coco lining before connecting the parts together


STEP 6) Arrange the Liners


  • Here is a close up on how the sculpture should look like with the coco liners before connecting the parts of the sculpture together


STEP 7) Connect the Parts


  • Connect the parts of the sculpture together by twisting the loose wire ends over each other


STEP 8) Fill the Sculpture


  • Fill the sculpture with multi purpose compost
  • Make sure to use enough compost and push it firmly into the sculpture


STEP 9) Close the Bottom


  • After filling up the sculpture with multi purpose compost close the bottom up by connecting the loose ends of wire with each other 


STEP 10) Add Succulents


  • Make some holes in the coco lining and insert the succulents one by one in the holes


STEP 11) Add Moss


  • To fill the gaps add moss to the sculpture by pressing it on firmly
  • Squeeze some of the the ends between the wire and lining to secure the moss to the sculpture even better


STEP 12) Your Cat Sculpture is Ready


  • When you’re pleased and ready with your sculpture place it to it’s final spot and water it gently
  • With time the moss and succulents will become denser and your sculpture will be even greener



  • Use protective gloves when making your own topiary frame.
  • You can use any soil instead of multi purpose compost if you have it on hand.



  • Cutting Chicken Wire – Follow this step by step guide to learn how to cut chicken wire with different tools



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Timi runs social responsibility campaigns for Wire Fence, helping to raise funds for different charities month by month. She also loves to do DIY projects using whatever's at hand and share the results with the world.


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