How to Make a Christmas Light Ball With Chicken Wire

In this blog you can learn how to make a Christmas light ball with chicken wire to decorate your yard with for the Holiday season. Just follow the step by step illustrations below.



  • Experience Required: Low
  • Tools Required: Wire Cutters, Protective Gloves
  • Materials Required: Chicken Wire, Christmas Lights, Thin Lacing Wire

STEP 1) Measure and Cut the Mesh



STEP 2) Connect the Two Ends 


  • Roll the mesh into a cylinder and connect the ends.
  • Twist the loose bits around each other to tie the ends of the mesh together. 


STEP 3) Finish the Cylinder


  • Once the ends are connected, the cylinder should look like this.


STEP 4) Start Pushing In the Ends


  • Gently push both ends of the mesh towards the middle of the cylinder.


STEP 5) Push In Both Ends


  • Once both ends are fully pushed in, it should look something like this.


STEP 6) Cut the Ends of the Mesh 


  • Trim the edges of the mesh so you can create the round shape.


STEP 7) Push and Pull the Mesh


  • Push and pull the mesh until you get the right shape.
  • This step is more of a trial and error until you get it right.


STEP 8) Try to Achieve a Round Shape


  • The ball will not be exactly round at first, so try to get as close to the shape as possible.


STEP 9) Wrap the Ball in Lights


  • Wrap the mesh in Christmas lights.
  • You can attach the light strand to the mesh with thin lacing wire wherever you feel it’s necessary.


STEP 10) Fix the Strand


  • Fix the end of the light strand to the ball. 
  • You can turn the lights on and the Christmas light ball is done.





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