How to Unroll and Shorten Chain Link Fence

Below you will find a step by step guide on how to unroll and shorten a roll of chain link fence correctly.


  • Estimated Completion Time: 10 minutes
  • Experience Required: Low
  • Tools Required: Wire Cutters, Pliers 
  • Materials Required: Chain Link Fence

STEP 1) Unpacking the Roll

  • Cut the tying wires that are used to fasten the roll and keep it from unraveling.


STEP 2) Correctly Unrolling the Fence

  • Pay attention to the direction of the roll, as the mesh can get damaged if it’s being dragged on the ground while unrolling.
  • Start unrolling the mesh.


STEP 3) Shortening to Size

  • Unweave one strand of wire where you want the section to end.


STEP 4) Finishing Touches

  • Pull the mesh further to unroll it completely.

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