How To Make a Gabion Planter

Below you will find steps on how to make a gabion planter for your garden. 




Step 1) Cut Out The Lid


  • Measure the diameter of your pot and use bolt cutters or an angle grinder to cut a hole on the lid.
  • The hole should be big enough so the container fits through it.


Step 2) Start Filling The Basket


  • Depending on the height of your plant pot, start filling your basket with stone. 


Step 3) Add The Container


  • Place a container on top of the stones.
  • The container should have its top more or less in line with the top of the gabion.
  • If not, place more stones beneath it, until they are level.


Step 4) Fill It Up


  • Fill up the basket around the plant container, until you reach the top of the basket.


Step 5) Close The Lid


  • Close down the lid while carefully guiding the plant through the pre-cut hole.


Step 6) Planter Ready


  • Secure the lid panel and your gabion planter should be ready.



  • As an alternative option, consider placing a smaller basket within a larger one and filling the space between them with decorative stones.
  • Remove the lid of the smaller basket and cut a corresponding hole in the lid of the larger basket to accommodate the smaller one.
  • Line the interior of the smaller basket with geotextile or a similar draining material, preventing larger particles like dirt or potting soil from washing out.
  • Alternatively, use gabion panels instead of a smaller cage. Attach the panels at the corners to form an inner compartment, and line them with geotextile to retain potting soil.
  • Maintain a recommended 22.5cm space for decorative stones. A minimum of 15cm is feasible, but the inner compartment may still be visible between the rocks.

Other gabion planter ideas

Of course, there are multiple ways to create gabion planters. Below, you can find some interpretations that are stunningly capturing the essence of gabions, while skipping out on the baskets and using DIY materials.

Round planters

This project by A Crafty Mix uses PVC pipes and plastic coated wire mesh to create DIY gabions, turning them into this wonderful planter composition. Find the full guide on their blog.

Spiral planter

This unique design was created by Abundance by Design Permaculture, and it showcases a creative and visually appealing solution for garden landscaping. 

Wire mesh planters

This project by TG The Gardener also features three planters, though they are shorter than their counterpart above. He uses welded wire mesh to achieve the gabion-like look. 

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