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Customer Project of April 2024

WireFence has decided to choose and showcase the best customer project each month!
We love to see what customers are up to and how they use our products once they reach their final destination.
Therefore, the favourite project is chosen by vote at the end of each month, based on the review images and any additional ones sent via email or LiveChat. 

April’s Pick – Gabion Planter Edging

April’s favourite project belongs to Anthony, who decided to opt for bespoke gabion cages to renew his wooden planter edging.


This took meticulous planning, lots of calculations and redesigning the area a few times before settling on the exact dimensions. However, both Anthony and our Sales Advisor have been really patient with planning this project out to the last centimeter. Certainly, the results speak for themselves!

Instead of the deteriorated wooden edging, now the planter area is not only marked but also emphasized by the baskets. Due to their construction, gabions offer a durable and sustainable solution for planters, providing suitable drainage for the plants behind, as well as an aesthetically pleasing finished look. 

The colour of the granite stone fill harmonises with the garden paving, the plant pots, as well as the anthracite of the enclosed patio behind. The lush tropical plants make this outdoor area a welcoming space for get-togethers between family and friends or simply relaxing.

We applaud Anthony for his patience and attention to detail. We’re sure he’ll enjoy this area for many years to come, together with his loved ones!

“I’m thrilled with the Gabions and Granite stones, they both work very well together.
I placed the order for Gabions and Granite Rocks after weeks on end changing the sizes and the young salesperson handled by enquiries with the greatest of patience and professionalism. Extremely polite service and extraordinarily efficient.” – Anthony

Old Wooden Edging Old Edging Removed

Work in Progress Finished View



It would be a shame not to showcase a couple of other lovely customer projects as well. Surely, these can serve as inspiration for anyone else looking for creative ways to utilize mesh products.

Honourable Mention – Outdoor Cat Enclosure


Jacob constructed a fantastic catio using our welded wire mesh and wooden frames. This DIY project will make sure his cat(s) stay safe while also being able to enjoy the outdoors. Due to the open roof, they will be exposed to the elements, providing them with new experiences and a stimulating environment.

“Great product. Exactly what I needed. Far better quality and a much better selection of choices than on the highstreet.” – Jacob


Honourable Mention – Backyard Landscaping Project


The above image is the end result of a massive undertaking by Kevin and Angela, who decided to DIY the garden of their dreams (almost) all on their own! Our gabions have been used in a similar fashion as Anthony’s garden edging project here. The couple created a low wall which delimits and also retains the planter area in the corner of the garden.

“It was a pleasure dealing with you. The gabions and stone were excellent quality and the delivery drivers very helpful. […] Apart from laying the turf and erecting the shed we did all the landscaping, steel work, gravel board, gabions, planting etc ourself. The gabions were very satisfying to build and we took a couple of days to pack neatly the results speak for themselves. If anyone else requires gabions or stone we will certainly recommend yourselves” – Kevin


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Gyopi is a DIY enthusiast with a recently found love for fencing and the vast possibilities it holds for adding that little extra while protecting one's yard. Her favourite projects include gabion baskets as decorative elements.

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