Chicken Wire Heart DIY

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This blog will show you how to make your own DIY chicken wire heart shaped wreath for Valentine’s Day. Just follow the step-by-step instructions below.



STEP 1) Gather supplies


  • Prepare your supplies
  • If you don’t have a store-bought heart frame, you can create one by bending some tensioning line into a heart shape
  • For this project, we used 13mmx13mm chicken wire

STEP 2) Measure the Chicken Wire


  • To measure the amount of chicken wire needed for your wreath, place the heart on top of the chicken wire.

STEP 3) Cut Chicken Wire


  • Cut around the shape using wire cutters
  • Leave approximately 2 centimetres extra on the sides

STEP 4) Prepare the Shape


  • Once you cut out your shape, discard the excess chicken wire
  • Place your cut-out shape under the shape

STEP 5) Wrap the Edges


  • Use the pliers to wrap the wire around the edges 
  • Twist the loose pieces of over the frame, securing it

STEP 6) Finish Wrapping


  • Once you finish with the wrapping, your heart should look like this

STEP 7) Decorate your Wreath


  • Decorate your wreath with artificial flowers and bows to your taste
  • Use a glue gun to attach decorations

STEP 8) Your DIY Heart Wreath is Finished


  • Enjoy your DIY Valentine’s wreath and feel free to hang it on your door!




  • Use good quality wire cutters to make the process of cutting the chicken wire easier. If you are unsure, you can follow the instructions on how to cut chicken wire.
  • You can use a store-bought shape for the wreath, or create your own. However, it’s important to note if you’re creating a DIY heart shaped wreath, that galvanised line shouldn’t be welded.
  • Painting the chicken wire wreath can be a good way of adding an extra touch of personalization. 
  • Although this tutorial shows steps to create a DIY Valentine’s wreath, you can use any other shape and follow the same steps to attach chicken wire to it. 

Other folks’ lovely projects

There are of course many ways to create a Valentine’s wreath and our tutorial is only one of them. Below we collected some other creative ideas that we personally love:

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This lovely project was created by Elizabeth, the blogger behind A Well-Purposed Woman. She used some old fabric to bring her vision to life – find the step-by-step tutorial here.

Tissue Paper Wreath

Heidi from Happiness is Homemade decided to share her fantastic idea that is easy to recreate with children. Follow her instructions to create this lovely wreath here.

Beaded Valentines Wreath 

Created by Christina from DIY Mommy, this wreath is so simple, yet so elegant that it’s sure to steal the attention! Find out how she made it on her blog.

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