Using Chicken Wire in Flower Arrangements

This blog will show you how using chicken wire in flower arrangements is a better idea than floral foam. 



  • Estimated Completion Time: ~1 Hour  
  • Experience Required: Low
  • Tools Required: Pliers, Wire Cutters, Protective Gloves
  • Materials Required: Chicken Wire, Vase, Flowers, Foliage

STEP 1) Measure the Width


  • Place the vase on the chicken wire.
  • The width of the mesh should be slightly larger than the width of the vase opening. 


STEP 2) Measure the Height


  • Measure the height of the vase.
  • The length of the mesh that you need to cut is going to be the height of the vase times two. 


STEP 3) Cut to Size


  • Based on the previous measurements, cut the mesh to size.
  • Make sure to wear a pair of protective gloves to avoid injuries and use wire cutters.


STEP 4) Fold the Mesh Into the Vase


  • Gently fold the mesh inside the vase, but do not crumple it up.
  • Take the two ends and bring them close together in a downwards movement.
  • Once you have a ball-like cushion, push it to the bottom of the base so the flower stems can later go through both layers of mesh.


STEP 5) Pour Water Into the Vase


  • Fill the vase with enough water if you are planning to use real flowers.
  • If you are using artificial flowers, you can leave it empty.


STEP 6) Select Flowers


  • Decide on what kinds of flowers you would like for the arrangement, select them and cut them to fit the vase.
  • Don’t forget to add some greenery as well to give it a fuller look.


STEP 7) Place the Greenery in the Vase


  • Always start with the greenery to conceal the mesh.
  • After that, you can use the blooms to create a nice arrangement.


STEP 8) Finish Your Composition


  • Insert the flowers into the vase.
  • At this point you can follow a floral recipe or just simply arrange the composition to your liking.



  • Arranging flowers with chicken wire is more beneficial for the plants as they are able to suck up water naturally
  • The chicken wire insert can be reused multiple times for different arrangements so it’s a more environmentally friendly option over the floral foam



  • Cutting Chicken Wire – Follow this step by step guide to learn how to cut chicken wire with different tools



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