DIY Chicken Wire Jewelry Holder

In this blog you will find out how to make a DIY chicken wire jewelry holder with simple steps.



  • Estimated Completion Time: ~3 Hours
  • Experience Required: Low
  • Tools Required: Staple Gun, Wire Cutters, Pliers, Paint, Sandpaper
  • Materials Required: Chicken Wire, Frame, Paint, Packing Tape

STEP 1) Take Measurements


  • Use a tape measure to find out the inner size of your frame.
  • This step is easier done early when the frame still has the backing inside.


STEP 2) Remove Glass and Backing


  • Take out the glass and the backing if your frame has any.
  • If it has a shiny coating, slightly sand the frame so you can paint it in the next step. 


STEP 3) Paint the Frame


  • Paint the frame with any color that you would like, and then let it dry.
  • If you’d like a more opaque finish, you can add a second coat as well.


STEP 4) Give the Frame an Aged Look


  • Use a fine sandpaper to slightly distress the paint.
  • This will give the end result an aged look.


STEP 5) Cut the Chicken Wire


  • Now that the frame is ready, cut a slightly bigger piece of the chicken wire mesh than the measurements you’ve taken at Step 1. 
  • Use gloves to protect your hands.


STEP 6) Attach the First Side of the Chicken Wire


  • Attach the mesh to the right side first with a staple gun at every second opening.


STEP 7) Attach to the Top of the Frame


  • Staple along the top of the frame as well, just like you did with the right side.


STEP 8) Staple the Remaining Sides


  • When stapling along the left side and the bottom, make sure to always pull on the mesh slightly to straighten it.


STEP 9) Seal the Ends of the Mesh


  • To prevent damaging the wall or your hands, cover the ends of the mesh with packing tape.


STEP 10) Hang the Jewelry


  • Now that you are all done, you can hang your jewelry on this finished DIY project.



  • You can add some fabric to the frame that will act as backing.
  • Attach the fabric as you have attached the chicken wire to the frame.
  • Always pull on the material when attaching to make sure that it remains wrinkle free.


DIY chicken wire jewelry holder

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