Chicken Coop Ideas (110 UNIQUE IDEAS)

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Explore 110 creative chicken coop ideas, ranging from rustic farmhouses to modern masterpieces, to find inspiration for your feathered friends’ perfect haven! 



Rockin’ Roost


This rock and roll-inspired chicken coop, created by The Little Red Farmstead & Farmtique, features vibrant vinyl designs and a lineup of performing artists. It showcases its creators’ creativity and dedication to providing a unique and stylish home for their feathered friends.


KFC Cluck House


This fun project, crafted by Munroe Family Farm, features a delightful twist with a portrait of the famous Colonel Sanders painted on its side. It adds a playful and whimsical touch to their farm, bringing a dash of KFC-inspired humour to their feathered friends’ cosy abode.




Diana, a talented blogger from Forever My Little Moon, has truly elevated the world of hen houses with her extraordinary creation – a jaw-dropping TARDIS coop! This stunning masterpiece pays homage to the beloved Doctor Who series and is a dream come true for any fan. She documented the crafting process on her blog, which can be accessed here


Fairytale Carriage


Holly, the creative mind behind The Giles Frontier, has transformed her son’s old cedar playhouse into a captivating chicken house that resembles a fairytale carriage. With dedication and love, Holly and her husband put in the work to bring this enchanting vision to life. You can read the touching story of this project here


Fairytale Village


Wayne’s Custom Coops presents a fairytale-like village composition that captures the imagination. Nestled in a lush green landscape adorned with vibrant flowers and surrounded by the beauty of nature, these charming cottage-style arrangement exudes enchantment. The addition of a miniature bridge further enhances the magical atmosphere of the scene.


Hobbit House


Chickencheeper, a member of the Backyard Chickens community, shows off their delightful creation. Inspired by the enchanting world of Lord of the Rings, this project takes on the shape of a charming hobbit house. With its rounded doors and windows, rustic details, and earthy colour palette, it transports us to a magical realm.


The Chicken Coupe


Shared by Backyard Chickens user @chickencoupe, this creation is a testament to creativity and imagination. Inspired by a car, this super elaborate design features a vibrant yellow colour and intricate details that resemble a miniature automobile. It’s a home fit for hens with a taste for adventure!


Cordwood Creation


Embrace the rustic beauty of a circular cordwood project by @cementitiousman, crafted using an ancient Swedish building technique. This unique creation features slices of log or split wood set in mortar, creating a visually striking and sturdy structure. With meticulous attention to detail, it was built row by row, using ample mortar and wood, resulting in a charming and durable home for its residents.


Cirque du Poulet


Vervain proudly shares her mom’s amazing project, aptly named “Cirque du Poulet.” This extraordinary creation takes inspiration from a circus carriage, creating a whimsical and enchanting home for the feathered residents. With its unique shape and attention to detail, it’s truly a delightful spectacle that adds a touch of magic to any backyard.


Village Life


Wayne’s Custom Coops presents a captivating chicken village, featuring a stunning composition of three interconnected buildings and a smaller companion constriuction, all connected with charming stone pathways. This village-style arrangement creates a visually striking and functional setup, offering a unique and picturesque housing solution for feathered residents.


Cowboy Coop


The Dixie Chicken house, showcased on Aggie Network, captures the essence of a Western saloon with its charming design. Complete with a quaint porch and a distinctive Western-style sign proudly displaying the name “Dixie Chicken,” this project brings a touch of frontier nostalgia to the poultry-keeping experience. 



Sweet Home


Tony and Laura‘s lovely small hen haven is reminiscent of a charming house. With two windows adorned with flowers outside each, a calming colour scheme of white and wood, and a small attached run, it’s a delightful retreat for their feathered friends. Their attention to detail and love for their flock are evident in this enchanting creation.


White Sophistication


Alyssa from Cottonwood Shanty showcases their breathtaking white creation, a project that exudes sophistication and rustic charm. The elegant design, featuring rustic doors and blending seamlessly with the surrounding nature, creates a captivating and picturesque haven for their feathered friends. More photos of the project can be found on their blog here


Playhouse Perfection

Jaime J Scott‘s ingenuity shines through as she transforms a thrifted old playhouse into a stunning chicken coop. With a fresh coat of white paint and thoughtful renovations, the playhouse seamlessly blends into its new role as a chicken haven, showcasing Jaime’s creativity and resourcefulness. She listed the tools and materials used and documented the process here


Pretty in Blue


Painted in a captivating baby blue with elegant white accents, this creation boasts a charming small tower on top, adding a touch of whimsy to its design offering creative chicken coop ideas. With its delightful colours and enchanting features, Chick Inn Coops has truly created a captivating haven for their feathered friends.


Delightful Haven

Discover Nikki’s adorable farmhouse-style creation at Evergreen Ravine. With its white exterior, grey windows, and a charming wooden run, this project is the epitome of country charm. The cute decor adds a delightful touch, making it a perfect home for your feathered friends. If you’re curious about how she decorated the indoor area, visit her blog here


DIY Farmhouse Coop


Sarah, the talented blogger behind Home on Magnolia Hill, has crafted a remarkable DIY Farmhouse Coop that exudes rustic charm and provides a cosy sanctuary for her hens. With its crisp white colour and charming details, this farmhouse-inspired project is truly a stunning little home for the feathered residents.


Warm Welcome


Chelsea Skidmore on Ana White shared their inviting and cosy creation, designed with a warm colour palette of beige and darker wood tones. The thoughtful attention to detail is evident in the charming decor, featuring the names of the resident hens proudly displayed on the side.


Whitewood Wonder


Introducing another remarkable creation by Chick Inn Coops—a beautifully designed hutch exuding an elegant white charm complemented by tasteful wooden highlights. It creates a welcoming ambience for its lucky residents, while adding a delightful touch, a flower pot adorns the exterior, infusing natural beauty into the design.


Feels Like Home


This charming henhouse by Cutest Coops is reminiscent of a miniature house, with its yellow wood door, white exterior, and inviting design. The attention to detail and craftsmanship make it look like a cosy abode that could easily accommodate humans, showcasing a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics for the feathered residents.


Charming White


Woodshop Mike has crafted a charming white haven that emanates a cosy and inviting aesthetic. This delightful creation is complemented by vibrant plants, adding a touch of natural beauty to the overall design. It’s a perfect haven for feathered friends, combining style and functionality in a harmonious way. Find the tutorial and plans on his website


Home Sweet Coop


Allow us to introduce another delightful creation by Chick Inn Coops—a charming white creation with a touch of light wood colour. This project exudes a distinctly homely feel, reminiscent of a cosy human house. Adding to its appeal, a lovely hanging flower basket adorns the entrance, making it even more inviting. 


Greenhouse Coop


Brooke Giannetti‘s design is a natural masterpiece, seamlessly combining a  henhouse and a greenhouse. Made with cedar wood siding and a corrugated metal roof, it blends rustic charm with functional design, connecting the feathered residents to the surrounding nature. More photos of this wonderful creation can be found on her blog here


Autumn Harvest


Introducing yet another exquisite creation by Chick Inn Coops—a stunning vibrant hen house in a captivating copper colour, evoking a warm autumn vibe. This remarkable project is adorned with an autumn wreath and carefully selected decor pieces, creating a charming and inviting atmosphere for your feathered companions.




Wayne’s Custom Coops presents a beautiful garden haven that seamlessly integrates into the landscape, becoming an enchanting focal point. The project’s design harmonizes with its surroundings, complementing the ambience of the garden. A delightful stone pathway leads up to the building, adding, inviting visitors to explore.


Comforting Chapel


Cutest Coops a charming chapel-style henhouse with a cosy brown and white colour scheme. This tastefully decorated building exudes a warm and inviting ambience, creating a delightful home for your feathered companions. Its unique design and attention to detail make it a standout addition to any backyard or farmstead.


Sunny Side 


This large creation by Chick Inn Coops offers ample space for your feathered friends to roam and roost comfortably. The combination of crisp white with refreshing mint and cheerful yellow accents adds a touch of vibrancy to the design, creating a visually appealing and inviting environment.


Stylish Haven


Penny and Brittany present their stunning captivating creation. Painted white, the design is beautifully adorned with vibrant flowers. Nestled within a lovely garden landscape, the building serves as a focal point, with happy residents seen enjoying their surroundings. The inside of the coop is just as charming as the outside, as evidenced by the photos posted on their blog here. 


Spacious Symphony


Wayne’s Custom Coops presents a delightful creation with an integrated run that combines both functionality and charm. Painted in a lovely blue hue, this creation stands out with its vibrant colour. The addition of flowers in the window brings a touch of natural beauty and further enhances its aesthetic appeal.


Cluckingham Palace


Jennifer, a member of the Backyard Chickens community, proudly shared her exquisite creation. Painted in a beautiful shade of red, this design exudes rustic charm and character. The green tin roof adds a charming touch. Built by her husband and customized to her taste, it is a rustic retreat for their feathered friends.


Curtains and Creativity

LZ from The Summery Umbrella proudly presents her charming white chicken house, radiating cosiness and cuteness. The standout light red doorframe adds a touch of uniqueness, while the delightful curtains add a warm and inviting feel, making it an absolute delight for both chickens and onlookers alike. More photos and a video tour can be found on her blog here


The Daisy


Clean Coops presents “The Daisy,” their first design. With a focus on practicality and the well-being of its residents, this structure was specially designed for easy management without bending over. The owner, Mona, ensured that it provides a healthy environment, offering the best of both worlds for both her and her beloved flock. She offers chicken coop plans for sale on her website here


Historic Cottage Coop


Tom’s breathtaking project, featured on Backyard Chickens, seamlessly blends into the historic neighbourhood. With its elaborate design, beige and green colour scheme, and charming cottage-like appearance, it is a true work of art. Tom’s goal was to create something that complements the existing barn-turned-garage and his 130-year-old house, resulting in a stunning addition to the neighbourhood.


Sleek and Black


Chick Inn Coops presents a compact and stylish all-black project, accentuated by subtle wooden highlights. This smaller-sized coop exudes a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, perfect for those with limited space. The bold black colour brings a touch of sophistication, while the wooden accents provide a warm and natural element to the design.


All-White Wonder

Kingdom Coops‘ all-white design is a testament to their meticulous attention to detail. With its inviting ambience, this project becomes a cosy haven for your cherished flock, combining both functionality and aesthetics in perfect harmony.


Peaceful Porch


Cutest Coops showcases their elegant white creation, featuring a standout fully functional porch. This charming addition includes a rocking chair, providing a cosy spot to relax and enjoy the view while tending to your feathered friends. It’s the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, creating a delightful haven for both its residents and their owners.


Cottage Chic


With its quaint cottage-style design, complete with teal windows and a delightful flower bed in the window, this adorable henhouse is a true country retreat for our feathered friends. Hats off to Chick Inn Coops for crafting this enchanting and stylish haven for their lucky cluckers!


Aesthetic Whites


Step into the serene world of Scarlett‘s pretty white coop. Adorned with a charming sign on the wall and a welcoming wreath on the door, it exudes an enchanting ambience. Explore this delightful haven where beauty meets functionality, and where happy hens find their peaceful sanctuary.


Double Haven


4 Sisters Ranch presents a harmonious display of two symmetrical white hutches seamlessly connected by a matching white run. This thoughtful and symmetrical design not only enhances the aesthetics but also provides a functional and spacious living space for your hens.


Copper Charm


Wayne’s Custom Coops presents a charming cottage-style design that combines the timeless appeal of white with elegant copper accents. The white exterior exudes a classic and inviting ambience, while the copper accents add a touch of sophistication and warmth. This lovely project is a testament to Wayne’s craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Deck the Halls


Deb and Danelle present their stunning creation that embraces the festive spirit of Christmas. Adorned with a lush green wreath, this charming project exudes a rustic charm that adds a touch of warmth and joy to the holiday season. With their creative flair and attention to detail, Deb and Danelle have created a cosy and inviting space for their feathered companion – visit their blog for more photos


Winter Coop


Crafted by Amy and Justin and shared by Ana White, this project features a white exterior that beautifully complements the winter landscape. With its light wood door and thoughtfully chosen design, it blends in with its surroundings. It’s a testament to Amy and Justin’s craftsmanship and their dedication to following the plans for chicken coop ideas provided by Ana White.



The Chicken Sled


Constance, the blogger behind Cosmopolitan Cornbread, shares her A-Frame chicken DIY chicken coop. It is designed to be completely movable, allowing you to effortlessly relocate it as needed. Constance’s innovative approach combines functionality with a touch of DIY charm, making it a great solution for poultry keepers seeking flexibility in their setup. She has free plans and detailed instructions available on her blog here




Justin from Abundant Permaculture has ingeniously crafted a custom DIY chicken coop called the ChickShaw, taking inspiration from a traditional rickshaw design. This mobile hutch allows for easy relocation, ensuring the flock has easy access to fresh forage. The photo perfectly captures the ChickShaw in action, showcasing its practicality and functionality – for building instructions, visit his blog here


A-Line Mobile Coop


Kelsey, from Green Willow Homestead, has designed and shared her plans for a remarkable A-line chicken tractor. This mobile structure not only boasts an appealing aesthetic but also offers sturdy construction. The clever design includes a secure and tightly sealed roosting area, complete with a unique pulley system for operating the ramp.


Modern Farmhouse Mobile Coop

In this captivating video, Ryan & Cara from BlueBird Homestead proudly present their compact and mobile chicken house, exuding a Modern Farmhouse style. Designed with an attached run and convenient wheels, this project offers both beauty and practicality, making it effortless to move across your yard or field to provide your flock with a fresh and delightful environment


Yellow Delight


Diana, a member of the Backyard Chickens community, proudly shared her astonishing mobile coop. This meticulously crafted creation boasts an impressive level of detail and design. Painted in a delightful shade of happy yellow, it exudes a vibrant and welcoming aura. 


The Wagon


Nestera is proud to present the almighty Wagon, made from 100% recycled plastic and sitting sturdily on four wheels. The Wagon is easily manoeuvrable by one person, and its secure full-height front door offers easy access for cleaning and extra security for your hens. With its tier-perched system, it can house 8 large chickens or 15 bantams. Check it out here.


Beige Charm


Kingdom Coops presents a charming mobile creation that combines functionality with a touch of elegance. The lovely beige colour adds a soft and inviting touch to its exterior. Designed to be small and lightweight, this structure is easy to relocate, allowing you to provide your hens with a change of scenery while maintaining a stylish and practical solution.


Urban Mobile Coop

Explore the versatility of Chicken Condos’ practical creation – a mobile pre-built chicken coop and run combo for sale. This innovative design allows for easy relocation, providing some much-needed freedom. With its functional and mobile features, this combo provides a convenient and comfortable space for your feathered companions.


Chick-Chic Wheels


Urban Chicken Coops specializes in crafting mobile creations, and their signature design, as seen in the photo, is truly captivating. Available in a variety of colours, each piece features a delightful bird-shaped entrance and a vibrant design that adds a touch of whimsy to any backyard or urban setting.


White Wanderer


Presenting a spacious and mobile project by MW Hunter, boasting an expansive design and a crisp white exterior. This large and versatile structure offers ample space for your flock to roam around and thrive. Its mobility allows for easy relocation, ensuring your feathered friends have access to varying locations and a safe environment wherever they go.


Sleek Mobility


Anne of All Trades presents her stunning mobile henhouse, combining both beauty and functionality in a sleek black design. This portable structure allows for easy relocation, providing her hens with fresh forage and a safe environment. With attention to detail and a keen sense of aesthetics, Anne’s black-painted creation stands as a testament to her craftsmanship and creativity. 



Cheerful Cluckers


MW Hunter presents this medium-sized project in a sunny yellow colour with elegant white accents. This charming combination creates a cheerful and inviting aesthetic, adding a touch of vibrancy to any backyard or farmstead. With its thoughtful design and ample space, it offers a comfortable and stylish home for your feathered friends.


Minty Madness


MW Hunter introduces a tiny henhouse connected to a run, painted in a refreshing mint colour. This compact and charming structure offers a cosy and secure space for its residents to roam and explore. The vibrant mint hue adds a pop of colour to your backyard, creating a visually appealing and inviting environment


Colour Pop


MW Hunter presents a stunning purple design with vibrant yellow accents, creating a lively and energetic vibe. This eye-catching combination of colours adds a playful and cheerful touch to the building, making it a standout feature in any backyard or garden. 


Purple Haze 


Introducing a charming and vibrant project by MW Hunter, featuring a captivating bright purple colour with delightful white accents. This smaller-sized creation is perfect for those with limited space, offering a cosy and stylish home for your feathered friends. With its eye-catching colour scheme and white accents, it is sure to add a pop of personality to your backyard.


Black and Teal


This beautiful modern creation was created by Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse. The entirety of the building is cloaked in a sleek black hue, exuding a sense of modernity and sophistication. The standout feature is undoubtedly the striking teal door, which adds a vibrant pop of colour and serves as a captivating focal point. For details on the creation process, visit their blog


Backyard Farmhouse Coop


Sarah, the creative force behind Rocky Hedge Farm, has shown her backyard project, a picturesque addition that harmoniously complements her garden. With its elegant farmhouse-style colours and design, it seamlessly blends in with the rustic charm of Sarah’s farmstead. 


Sleek Black


Woodshop Mike showcases his DIY skills with his elegant black lean-to-shed coop, offering inspiration for your chicken coop ideas. This design, along with his practical building plans available for sale on his site, provides a comprehensive resource for those looking to create their own stylish and functional coop.


Chapel Style


Cutest Coops introduces a chapel-shaped creation that exudes modern elegance. With its white walls, striking black accents, and a vibrant yellow door, this project stands out with its contemporary design. The unique chapel-inspired structure adds a touch of charm and sophistication to any backyard or farmstead.


Modern Woodwork


This modern and meticulously crafted wooden creation, shared on Ana White, showcases stunning woodworking skills and a contemporary design aesthetic. With its clean lines, sleek finish, and attention to detail, it stands out as a true masterpiece of modern construction.


Hillside Haven


Brandtly‘s innovative creation takes advantage of the natural landscape with its clever hillside design. This small yet charming chicken house is perched on a hill, creating a visually striking and functional setup. The attached run follows the slope, making efficient use of space and providing an exciting and dynamic environment.


Nighttime Sophistication


Wayne’s Custom Coops showcases its impressive large design with a sleek and modern aesthetic. The black-painted exterior exudes sophistication and style, while the carefully placed lighting creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, even in the darkness of night.


Sophisticated in Blue


Kingdom Coops showcases a sophisticated elevated design with a stunning midnight blue exterior. The combination of the deep blue hue with the modern darker wood colour creates an elegant and refined look. This structure not only provides a stylish home for your hens but also adds a touch of sophistication to your backyard or garden.


Cara’s Coop


Explore the creativity of Cara from The Inspired Workshop with her charming white design. This thoughtfully crafted structure features a large attached run, providing ample space for the flock to roam and explore. The addition of wooden accents adds a rustic touch, enhancing the overall aesthetic. Visit her blog to read more about the creation process and materials used. 


Outdoor Elegance


Cutest Coops presents a spacious and elegant white creation with black accents. This large project offers ample room for your feathered friends, while its sophisticated design adds a touch of class to your outdoor space. Adding a delightful touch, two comfortable armchairs are placed outside, inviting you to relax and enjoy the surrounding nature.


Sustainable Sophistication

Kingdom Coops presents a stunningly elegant take, featuring a timeless white and wood colour combination. With its elevated design, it not only adds a touch of sophistication to any backyard but also incorporates a practical solar panel on the side, embracing sustainable energy solutions for your poultry-keeping needs.


Shed Coop


Posted on Ana White, this project boasts a shed-style design with striking black doors and clean white walls. The surrounding area is adorned with small rocks, adding a touch of natural beauty and enhancing the overall aesthetic. This thoughtfully designed building provides a cosy and inviting space for the feathered residents while seamlessly blending with its surroundings.


Suburban Harmony


Wayne’s Custom Coops presents a charming village-style composition of three nearly identical buildings, each with its own unique charm. Connected by a quaint white picket fence, this arrangement creates a picturesque scene reminiscent of a peaceful countryside village. The coops, although similar in design, vary slightly in size, adding visual interest to the arrangement.


Modern Symmetry


Farmhouse Builds showcases a stunning black and white modern creation that captivates with its sleek and symmetrical design. The contrasting colours of black and white create a striking visual appeal, while the symmetrical layout adds a sense of balance and harmony. With runs attached to both sides, it offers ample space for the residents to roam and explore.


Sleek and Navy


Cutest Coops presents a sleek and stylish white design with a navy blue door, exuding a modern and sophisticated look. The addition of an autumn-inspired wreath adds a touch of seasonal charm, creating a welcoming atmosphere for your feathered friends. This beautiful project is sure to be a standout feature in any backyard or homestead.


Timeless Elegance 

Continuing with Kingdom Coops‘ exceptional craftsmanship, their larger white and wood structure exudes sophistication and elegance. This project, reminiscent of their previous design, offers ample space for your feathered friends while maintaining the same level of refined aesthetics that Kingdom Coops is known for.


Red Coop Wonder


Blue Ridge Coops proudly presents its vibrant red design with charming white highlights. This elevated design not only adds visual appeal but also provides added protection for the resident hens. The combination of the bold red colour and the elevated structure creates a standout feature in any backyard, offering a stylish and secure home for the feathered friends.


Back to Black


Wayne’s Custom Coops presents a sleek and elegant design in a striking combination of black and dark grey. This large and impressive creation stands out with its modern aesthetics and clean lines. The dark colour palette adds a touch of sophistication, while the carefully crafted details showcase the attention to quality and design.


Whimsical Retreat


Introducing a captivating creation by Salisbury Designs—a striking black and white creation adorned with hand-painted decorative elements. The addition of a string of lights adds a magical touch, creating a cosy ambience during twilight hours. Delightful wooden signs hang from the side of the run, proudly displaying the names of the hens that call this haven their home. 


Farmhouse Christmas


Rusty Moose Farm‘s stunning creation captures the essence of a farmhouse Christmas with its charming barn doors adorned with green wreaths, twinkling Christmas lights, and a whimsical North Pole sign. This festive and inviting design creates a magical atmosphere for their hens, bringing the joy and spirit of the holiday season to their cosy home.


Cornflower Bliss


Butch from Oklahoma History has crafted a stunning cornflower blue project that exudes charm and personality. This eye-catching structure is raised from the ground, offering an extra layer of protection against potential predators. Adorned with the delightful sign “Hen Hotel” at the entrance, it adds a touch of whimsy and character to the overall design.


Adorable Illustrations


Liz, the creative blogger behind The Cape Coop, has designed a truly enchanting light blue coloured henhouse. It not only provides a comfortable home for the residents but also features an attached, generously-sized run for their outdoor enjoyment. The whimsical touch of adorable illustrations adds a touch of personality and charm to the overall design.


Sunflower Dream


Colin Purrington has taken his design skills to a whole new level with his stunning creation. This artistic creation boasts a light blue base adorned with beautifully painted sunflowers, adding a vibrant and cheerful touch to its design. Visit his blog for the whole photo tour. 


Flower Power


Wayne’s Custom Coops presents a stunning coop and run combination, adorned with an array of vibrant flowers and flower-themed decor. The project, crafted with impeccable attention to detail, offers a beautiful and comfortable living space for hens, while the spacious run provides ample room for them to roam and explore.


Cozy Cottage


Leeny‘s exceptional creation is a true testament to her resourcefulness and creative vision. Drawing inspiration from various online designs, she meticulously crafted a unique and functional structure that perfectly suits her needs. It exudes a cosy and inviting atmosphere, reflecting her personal touch and creating a delightful home for her flock.


Rustic Wooden Wonder


Behold the captivating sight at Miller Hollow Farm. With its beautiful wooden design and a bold red window frame, this creation exudes rustic charm. Flower pots grace the windows, adding a touch of natural beauty while topping it off with a striking sign. 


Reclaimed Wood Project


Cathy and Garrett’s stunning creation on The Grit and Polish, crafted from reclaimed wood, exudes a charming garden-like and rustic appeal. Its design seamlessly blends with the surrounding nature, creating a cosy and inviting space for their feathered friends. The use of reclaimed wood adds a touch of sustainability and character to this beautiful project. Visit their blog for a detailed tour of the coop. 


Rustic and Colorful


Sasha, the talented blogger behind The Mushy Mom’s Fiat, shares their delightful creation that embraces a charming rustic aesthetic. Crafted from recycled materials, this eco-friendly chicken coop not only reduces waste but also adds a unique and characteristic touch to the design. The colourful wood used in its construction further enhances the rustic charm, creating a visually appealing home for her feathered companions. 


Cabin in the Woods


Cutest Coops presents a captivating henhouse that resembles a tranquil cabin in the woods. With its natural and calming wooden exterior, complemented by black doors and windows, this structure exudes a rustic charm that could easily be mistaken for a cosy retreat for humans. The blend of nature-inspired aesthetics and functional design makes it an ideal sanctuary for the feathered inhabitants.


Simply Perfect


Eryn Whalen has lovingly crafted a simple yet charming rustic creation that beautifully captures the essence of the countryside. With its unassuming design and natural materials, it exudes a sense of tranquillity and rustic charm.


Urban Creation


USA Gardening presents an urban henhouse designed to seamlessly blend with the backyard shed. The choice of siding material and roof shingles perfectly complement the existing structures, creating a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic. This thoughtfully crafted design showcases the importance of integrating functional elements with the overall backyard design. 


Rustic Barn


Kingdom Coops presents a large rustic design that exudes the charm of a barn with its brown-painted exterior. The structure’s weathered appearance adds a touch of timeless appeal, evoking a sense of history and authenticity. With its rustic aesthetics and ample space, this creation provides a cosy and nostalgic home for your feathered friends.


Wooden Wonder


Jen, a talented contributor on Ana White proudly shares their lovely DIY coop and run, showcasing their woodworking skills. Constructed with wood, this structure exudes a rustic charm and provides a safe and comfortable home for its residents. The combination of the house and run offers ample space for the hens to roam and explore, creating a harmonious environment in which they can thrive.


Rustic Nature


The Pioneer Chicks proudly share their magnificent large rustic creation, nestled in the embrace of nature. Surrounded by a serene and peaceful atmosphere, the building and its accompanying run create a perfect sanctuary for their beloved hens. The addition of homemade benches further enhances the tranquil ambience, providing a serene and relaxing space.


Farmhouse Serenity 


Stacey, the creative mind behind The Soccer Mom Blog, presents her farmhouse-inspired project that exudes timeless elegance. The combination of soft blue tones and rich, darker wood accents creates a modern and stylish finish. This stunning creation perfectly blends rustic charm with contemporary design, offering a comfortable and visually appealing home for feathered residents.


Under the Porch


This unique project, created by Gretchen from Boxy Colonial, showcases her DIY skills with an under-the-deck chicken pen. The ingenious design utilizes the space beneath the deck to provide a safe and comfortable home for her feathered friends. The composition features a specially sourced hutch from Amazon, adding convenience and functionality to the setup.


Pallet Paradise


Bobbie from A Vision To Remember showcases her ingenuity with this pallet-based chicken coop. Elevated off the ground, this design offers numerous benefits for the flock. This creative solution demonstrates how to make a chicken coop that provides shade, keeps rodents away, and prioritizes the safety and well-being of the feathered residents.


Converted Shed


Tracy, the talented blogger behind Simple Living Country Gal, has brilliantly transformed a humble shed into a remarkable creation, showcasing her exceptional skills in planning a chicken coop. With her ingenuity and resourcefulness, she has created a cosy and functional living space for her feathered companions.


The Urban House


Lyanda, from The Tangled Mess, has created an impressive creation that focuses on the safety and well-being of her flock. With her experience in predator prevention, she shares valuable insights on how to build a chicken coop that is predator-proof and ensures the protection of your feathered friends.


Stunning Blue Creation


Kelsey from Green Willow Homestead proudly presents her beautiful hen house featuring a lovely combination of light and dark blue hues. The charming rooster decor on the door adds a creative touch to this inviting space. It’s a delightful addition to her homestead, reflecting Kelsey’s creativity and passion. 


Pallet Paradise


An anonymous contributor to Ana White demonstrates their resourcefulness and creativity with this charming pale yellow creation. This DIY pallet chicken coop, crafted using repurposed materials and following the plans shared on Ana White, showcases their ingenuity and passion for sustainable construction.


Transformed Chicken House


Ashley, the creative mind behind Lil Blue Boo, showcases her remarkable transformation of a depot into a charming henhouse. Painted in a crisp white colour with green accents, this repurposed structure exudes a fresh and inviting vibe. The addition of cool signs on the side adds a playful touch and further enhances the building’s character. 


Pallet Project


The Shed and Beyond, a creative DIY blog, presents a remarkable pallet chicken coop DIY project. This budget-friendly creation is crafted entirely from repurposed pallets, showcasing resourcefulness and sustainability. With step-by-step instructions, this project offers a practical and accessible solution for building a functional henhouse.


Budget Coop DIY


Krista Howard showcases her budget-friendly DIY chicken coop, where creativity and resourcefulness take centre stage. With the use of repurposed wood and thrifted materials, she has transformed ordinary items into a functional and charming home for her feathered friends.


DIY Elevated Retreat

Paula from Creative Housewives, together with her husband Josh, proudly built this stunning project from scratch, featuring an elevated design to provide a safe and cosy home for their flock of 12 hens. The beautiful blue colour adds a touch of charm to their backyard, making it a delightful sight for both the residents and their owners.


Repurposed Playhouse


Jen Marzen‘s creative ingenuity shines in this charming and stylish henhouse, shared on Ana White. Taking a kids’ playhouse and transforming it into a functional henhouse, Jen has created a whimsical and inviting space for her feathered friends. The cosy interior and thoughtful modifications make it a delightful and unique home for the hens.


Cedar Serenity


Gina from Lady Goats showcases her impressive DIY skills with this charming cedar creation. Painted in a delightful blue hue, it stands raised from the ground for added predator protection. What sets this project apart is the addition of a mini garden, adding a touch of natural beauty to the surroundings. 


Small and Cosy


Alexa’s charming creation, nestled within The Duvall Homestead, emanates an undeniable warmth and cosiness. Adorned with a delightful sign hanging by the entrance, it adds a touch of whimsy and character to its aesthetic. A sweet yellow curtain graces the entrance, further enhancing the cosy ambience.


Rustic-Modern Fusion


Carla, the blogger behind Small + Friendly, presents a rustic-modern henhouse built from scratch with her husband. This predator-proof sanctuary features skylights, vinyl flooring, nesting boxes, roosting bars, and ample ventilation, reflecting Carla’s eclectic and eco-friendly style.


Burgundy Charm


Cutest Coops presents a compact wine-red creation with white highlights, exuding a sense of elegance and sophistication. The simple wreath adorning the door adds a touch of charm to the overall design. This beautifully crafted project stands out with its rich colour palette, creating a visually captivating and inviting home for your feathered companions.


Green Roof Style


Andy, the creative mind behind The Chicken Street, has crafted a small coop with a unique twist – a “Green Roof” design. This innovative design features a special rooftop garden, adding an extra touch of sustainability and natural beauty. The planter on top not only enhances the aesthetics of the composition but also contributes to a healthier environment for the feathered residents.


Compact Creation


April from Wilkerdos has crafted a compact and predator-proof chicken house in vibrant red colour. With careful consideration for the safety of her feathered friends, April built the structure off the ground, ensuring that snakes are kept at bay. This clever design combines functionality with a splash of colour, providing a secure and inviting space for her hens.


Wildflower Wonder


Cutest Coops presents a small white creation beautifully adorned with a wildflower wreath and surrounded by a colourful array of blooming wildflowers. This picturesque and enchanting scene brings a touch of natural beauty to its exterior. Crafted with love and attention to detail, this project is a delightful oasis for your feathered friends.


Tiny Blue Haven


MW Hunter presents a charming small house in a vibrant and eye-catching bright blue colour, perfect for your chicken coop ideas. This delightful creation adds a cheerful pop of colour to any backyard or garden space while providing a cosy and secure home for its residents. Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for those with limited space.



We’ve gathered valuable insights from experienced poultry enthusiasts and professionals, covering essential aspects of planning, building, and ensuring the safety of your flock.


On planning a coop


“You should allow for a minimum of 3-5 square feet of floor space for each hen inside your coop. If you raise larger breeds or they spend lots of time indoors in the winter, then you’ll want to plan on closer to 5 square feet per hen, if you raise bantam or smallish breeds who spend the majority of their time outdoors except for when they’re sleeping or laying their eggs, you might be able to get away with closer to 3 square feet per hen.” – Farmers Almanac


“The more room you can offer your chickens to spread their wings, graze, and forage, the better. Within the coop, chickens do best with at least 4 sq. ft. each in the run and 2 sq. ft. each in the henhouse. Outside the coop, offer whatever you can.” – The Garden Coop


“When designing a chicken coop, we suggest making the coop tall and large enough for any member of your household to enter the coop. All too often coops are small, bird-sized structures. We recommend a full-size doorway and enough height to enter the coop to access your flock and clean it regularly. Space per bird: While you may only have a few chickens to start, chicken math is a real thing. When designing your coop, always plan for a larger structure than you initially think you need. – McMurray Hatchery


“Location: you want it somewhere with the appropriate space for your flock. With natural shelter from sun/ wind/ rain.
 Base: consider what will be on the floor.. grass? woodchip? And the longevity. For example if you put 6 cream Legbars on a patch of lawn.. after a few months the lawn will have been scratched up.”  – Nestera


“My advice would be to join your local smallholding association. Go on any training courses they offer and attend meetings. There is no substitute for meeting like-minded people and talking to them face to face.” – Mark Hajdukiewicz, Devon Smallholders


“When planning to keep chickens, establish where you intend to make their home and how much space you can dedicate to them. The more outside space you can give them, the happier and healthier they will be and they will lay the most delicious eggs as a result. If you can let them safely free range around the garden then this is ideal, but if not get a coop with a run made with weldmesh that can be moved onto fresh grass often so that they have pasture to eat.” – Smiths Sectional


On building a coop


“When designing a coop, proper ventilation is critical in both warm and cold climates. Proper airflow helps to reduce ammonia in a coop, as well as moisture build up. Place vents high above your roosts for year-round ventilation, and windows in your coop for added air flow in warmer weather.” – McMurray Hatchery


“Encourage egg-laying with one nest box for every four or five chickens. Nest boxes should be raised at least a few inches off the ground but lower than the lowest roosting pole. They should also be dark and “out of the way” to cater to the hen’s instinct to lay her eggs in a safe place.” – My Pet Chicken


“Plan on allowing 8″ of roost per hen. Chickens do tend to snuggle together in the cold weather to keep warm and also for balance, but a minimum of 8″ per chicken is the rule of thumb. Roosts should be positioned higher than your nesting boxes since chickens seek high ground to sleep and you don’t want them sleeping in (and pooping in) their boxes.” – Farmers Almanac


“My top tip for chicken-coop construction is — think about the manure first! I’m a big fan of the deep bedding method, which becomes easier with extra roof height and wide doors.” – Anna Hess, author of free ebook Getting Started With Your Working Chicken


“Add a few boxes filled with soft bedding for the hens to lay their eggs in, and a ladder for the chickens to roost on at night, and you’re on your way to designing perfect chicken coop.” – Lisa Steele, Fresh Eggs Daily


On keeping your chickens safe


“While it’s fun to have a cute coop, one decked out with curtains, window boxes and maybe even a chandelier, the single most important thing is that your chicken coop will keep the chickens safe from predators at night while they’re sleeping. So a secure lock on the door and hardware cloth on the windows are two important features.” – Lisa Steele, Fresh Eggs Daily


“Pests and predators can ruin your day, each in their own way. Pests want to eat your chickens’ food. Predators want to eat your chickens. A well-designed coop will use welded-wire galvanized hardware cloth to secure any open-air areas, not chicken wire, which (despite its name) is too flimsy to protect chickens. Doors should be latched and lockable. These basic measures will help keep the bad guys out and the good gals in.” – The Garden Coop


All vents and windows should be covered in 1/2″ welded wire, and all latches fitted with predator-proof carabiners or eyehooks. Doing your research and choosing (or building) a well-designed, secure coop is worth it in the long run. Your flock’s safety and health depend on it. – Farmers Almanac

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