Customer Project of May 2024

WireFence has decided to choose and showcase the best customer project each month!
The team loves to see what customers are up to and how products are being used once they reach their final destination.
So the favourite project is chosen by vote at the end of each month, based on the review images and any additional ones sent via email or LiveChat. 

May’s Pick – Diamond Shaped Trellis

This month’s favourite project belongs to Sophie, who made use of our standard 1,50m square panels in 4mm thickness to create trellises for her honeysuckle and berry shrubs.


Diamond shaped frames have been attached to the wooden fence, which then provided a new home for the mesh panels. The squares had to be cut slightly at the corners in order to follow the shape of the frames.

The 4mm mesh will provide ample support for the berry bushes, as well as the honeysuckle to grow into a beautiful living fence. Once they grow into the frames, these shrubs will provide not only a relaxing view but healthy sweet treats and a lovely smell during the summer months.

“Thank goodness I found Wire Fence! The 150x150cm galvanised mesh panels were Just what I needed for my honeysuckle, blackberries and raspberries.” – Sophie


In May, we didn’t receive as many photos of customer projects as usual. However, the team felt it was still important to highlight the other amazing project we’ve been updated on.

Honourable Mention – Primary School Seating Area


Lesley from Linnvale Primary School got in touch with us asking for advice on how to attach the wooden tops to benches, as they were looking to build several gabion seating areas around the school yard.

As this was a project financed by a school, we were able to provide the gabions at a cost price. The project is still underway but they managed to build quite a few already. We’re looking forward to seeing even more benches come to life and being used by the pupils and teachers alike.

“Everyone loves our new gabion seating and we are now adding even more!” […]

To make the benches we got planks of wood that we cut to fit the length then nailed together to make a width that was two planks thick (1 plank cut in half did one bench). We used a thin strip of wood across the two planks at the ends to hide the nails and prevent any rough edges, plus it made it a bit more robust. 
To attach the planks to the gabion lid we used a metal strip that has holes in it for attaching (galvanised fixing roll) and treated it with fire resistant paint before painting with wood treatment. We got the gabion stone from our local quarry, which if you buy loose rather than bagged is a lot cheaper .”

 Lesley, Class Teacher at Linnvale Primary School

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Gyopi is a DIY enthusiast with a recently found love for fencing and the vast possibilities it holds for adding that little extra while protecting one's yard. Her favourite projects include gabion baskets as decorative elements.

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