Barbed Wire Installation

Ever wondered how to install a barbed wire? Below is a complete guide with detailed instructions on how to do it yourself.


STEP 1: Safety First!


  • Make sure you are equipped with protective eyewear, heavy duty gloves, boots, and clothing that prevents serious lacerations.
  • Work with a partner to make the job safer and easier.


STEP 2: Posts and Spacing


  • Place the posts approximately 2 – 2.5 meters apart from each other.
  • At least 1/3 – 1/2 of the post height should be below ground level.
  • Make sure the posts are properly cemented or pounded into the ground before tensioning the wire.
  • Note: you can use both wooden or metal posts, however in the instructions below you’ll find wooden ones.


STEP 3: Mark the Posts


  • Mark where each strand of wire should be on the posts. 
  • You can also mark the intermediate posts at the same height as the corner and starting posts to make your job easier.


STEP 4: Tie Barbed Wire to the First Post


  • Starting from the bottom, fasten the first strand of barbed wire to the starting post at the appropriate height.
  • Hook the wire around the post, twist it back and wrap it around itself 4-5 times to hold the tension.
  • Carefully start unrolling the barbed wire until the corner / end post.


STEP 5: Tie Radisseur to the Post


  • Once you’re at the first corner post / end post, use a piece of wire to tie the radisseur to the post at the same height level as the first line of barbed wire.
  • Cut the first line of barbed wire where the post is, leaving an extra 10 cm.
  • Attach the loose end to the radisseur by weaving it through the pin hole located at the middle of it.


STEP 6: Tension the Barbed Wire


  • Tension the barbed wire with a wrench by twisting the pin on the radisseur in a clockwise direction.
  • Use only one hand when stretching it. 


STEP 7: Staple the Wire


  • Once the first strand of barbed wire has been attached to the end posts, staple it one by one to each intermediate post.
  • Start from the first post, keeping a consistent height at each one.
  • Staple the wire closely to the posts, but make sure to allow a little room for movement. 


STEP 8: Install the Rest of the Strands


  • Repeat the above steps for additional lines of barbed wire.
  • Make sure you keep a consistent tension on the wire.
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