Wire Fence Gives Ash Vale Resident £1,535 Discount to Prevent Dogs From Accessing The Train Tracks

Wire Fence gave a discount of £1,535 to Ash Vale resident Mark Gould to help prevent dogs from accessing the local train track.

On June 30th Mark lost his own dog, Maxi after he managed to access the railway track in Surrey.  To prevent serious or fatal injury to other dogs, Mark built a 500m fence between Ash Ranges and the Ash Vale Train Station.

Image of Maxi, Marks’s beloved dog



On 30th June, Mark and his 4-month-old daughter were walking their dog Maxi close to the railway track between Ash Ranges and the Ash Vale Train Station.  Mark heard Maxi yelping and discovered him trapped on the railway line.  Mark was unable to reach Maxi before a train passed fatally injuring his dog.

Mark discovered the fence separating the path and the railway was not secure allowing Maxi to access the railway track.


About the project

The total length of the fence in need of repair was approximately 500 meters.  Mark raised £5,000 from the local community and a £1,535 discount from Wire Fence to buy the fencing. He also managed to recruit local community volunteers to help install the fence.

Both Mark and the local volunteers are confident that the fence will prevent other dogs from getting injured in the future.


Comment from Mark

“Just to say that the fence fitting went really well, and we have secured the area where Max passed away now. I’m truly grateful for what you have done, and rest assured you have saved lives.” – Mark Gould


Comment from Wire Fence

“We would like to say special thanks to Mark and everyone who helped to build the fence and help prevent such a tragic accident from happening again in the future.  Thanks for getting in touch with us and allowing us to help you with such an important project.” – Dora Pista


Images of the project

Mark and his team carrying the fencing ready to install it
Mark and the team installing the fence
Maxi’s memorial plaque is attached to the fence


Get help with your community project

  • We are always happy to help with community projects if we can, please contact us via hello@wirefence.co.uk
  • You can read more about our charitable initiatives here


Donate to dog charities

We recognize the broader importance of canine safety in our community. Should you wish to contribute further, here are a few dog charities that we have supported and recommend:

  • Dogs 4 Rescue – our partner dog charity in Manchester.  Emma and the team do an amazing job looking after dogs in need of a home.  Visit their donation page to help
  • B.A.R.K. – winner of our Christmas fundraising competition.  They provide temporary refuge for unwanted and stray domestic animals. Check out their Amazon Wishlist and consider donating to a great cause! 
  • Holbrook Animal Rescue – This family owned Sussex rescue was set up to help abandoned and unwanted animals to find a safe place to call home. Find out how to support them
  • Wood Green – Their rescue centre located in Godmanchester is currently one of the largest rehoming centres in Europe, caring for a variety of pets. Donate to their cause here.
  • Hope Rescue – Their goal is not just to help abandoned dogs but to tackle the root causes of irresponsible ownership therefore supporting both pets and people. You can set up a direct debit donation to support them through this page
  • The Voice Of The Forgotten Dogs Of Sal – They strive to improve the living and welfare conditions of the animals, in particular, dogs in the Municipal Kennels and the free roaming dogs on the Island of Sal, Cape Verde. Visit their website to learn more. 

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