On 25th June Wire Fence Will Donate 100% of its Profit for Armed Forces Day

Wire Fence will give away 100% of our profits made on Saturday 25th June for Armed Forces Day. 

If you are a charity supporting the welfare of veterans or military personnel and you are in need of additional funds please follow the steps on how to apply mentioned at the bottom of this blog.

You can read more about our monthly donations here.

This is the second year Wire Fence takes part in this initiative. Last year, we raised £137 for Helping Homeless Veterans. 

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What is Armed Forces Day?

Observed annually on the last Saturday of June, Armed Forces Day is a UK-wide celebration aiming to bring people together in order to celebrate the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who protect our country. It also takes the opportunity to show the nation’s appreciation towards veterans and military families, thanking them for the service they provided. 


Some Interesting Facts About the UK Armed Forces

  • According to the UK Government, there are approximately 2.4 million veterans in the UK. 
  • The most common mental health problems for ex-Service personnel are alcohol problems, depression and anxiety disorder, as reported by the Centre for Mental Health
  • The Royal British Legion’s estimate is that somewhere between three and six percent of homeless people in the UK have an armed forces background.


What we are doing to help

100% of the profits made by Wire Fence on the 25th June will be donated to a charity supporting the armed forces.


Are you an Armed Forces charity?

If you are a charity supporting the wellbeing of veterans or military personnel we would love to hear from you. The application is open to any UK charity.


Please follow these steps to apply for the funds:

  • Go to our Facebook page
  • Find our post about this event
  • Share the post publicly
  • Collect as many likes as you can on your shared post until the 25th June.


The donation will be sent to the organisation that gets the most likes on Facebook until the 25th June and we will announce the results on the 28th of June.

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