On 2nd May, Wire Fence Will Donate 100% of its Profit for National Gardening Week

To mark the National Gardening Week Wire Fence will give away 100% of our profits made on Sunday 2nd May.

If you are a charity which supports gardeners and promotes the benefit of gardening and you are in need of additional funds please follow the steps on how to apply mentioned at the bottom of this blog.

You can read more about our monthly donations here.



What is National Gardening Week?

This week is the country’s biggest annual celebration of gardening and it raises awareness about the difference gardening can make to our health and well being. Gardening can make a big change to people’s lives by inspiring them to live a healthier and happier life.

The National Gardening Week’s popularity has grown every year with thousands of people highlighting and celebrating their passion for gardening.


Why is Gardening so Important?

  • According to Thrive gardening can have many beneficial effects on our health. Gardening practically is like going to the gym outside in your garden. Looking after your garden will soon have you working out every major muscle group as you stretch, bend and lift.
  • There’s growing evidence that gardening can benefit our mental well being by reducing stress-levels and improving mood which results in a reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety.


What we are doing to help

100% of the profits made by Wire Fence on the 2nd May will be donated to a charity or organization focused on making gardening more popular and accessible for everyone.


Are you a Gardening Charity?

If you are a charity or organization which supports gardeners and promotes the benefit of gardening we would love to hear from you. The application is open to any UK organization.


Please follow these steps to apply for the funds:

Go to our Facebook page

Find our post about this event

Share the post publicly

Collect as many likes as you can on your shared post until the 2nd of May.

Bonus Points: Share this on your blog and each comment will count double! – please share the post in the comment section so we can find it!


The donation will be sent to the organization who gets the most likes on Facebook until the 2nd of May. We will announce the results on the 4th of May.

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Timi Schmidt

Timi runs social responsibility campaigns for Wire Fence, helping to raise funds for different charities month by month. She also loves to do DIY projects using whatever's at hand and share the results with the world.

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