Walk in chicken coop and run FAQ

Where do you delivery to?

Almost anywhere. For England and Wales delivery can be ordered online. For Scotland and NI the costs vary so we need to check the carriage costs. For offshore islands and the rest of Europe we suggest you find a freight forwarder that serves your area. We then deliver to their UK depot and they take care of the onward journey.

How is the chicken coop packed for delivery?

The main part of the chicken coop will be delivered on a pallet. This is normally on a base approx 1x2m and , depending on the size of the house, up to 2m high. The pallet will be delivered to the roadside which in practise means anywhere that has Tarmac or concrete that is suitable for moving a pallet truck over. The delivery driver won’t be able to move it up hill or across gravel.

There will also be a separate delivery of long timbers. These will arrive with a separate carrier. We try to have both deliveries arrive on the same day but they may be spread over a couple of days.

Can we put the coop or run up for you?

Yes. We can travel almost anywhere. The on site assembly cost has 2 parts. We charge 95p/mile from out base in wales(np23 7tb) to the delivery postcode calculated according to google maps. We then charge 10% of the house price to allow for assembly.

As an example, a £1500 chicken coop assembled 200 miles from our base would cost £150+£190.

Can we put it up ourselves?

Yes you can. The house is supplied as a set of 3′ wide panels. All screws and nails are supplied. You’ll need basic tools; hammer, screwdriver, saw, 8mm and 10mm spanner. We suggest you should allow a weekend to put up most sizes. It’s quite easy for 1 person to assembly our runs but you may find an extra pair of hands useful. We assembly our biggest coop and run (9×33′) in around 8 hours with one person.

How long will the coop last?

That’s a difficult question to answer as we’ve only been building them for 12 years. We’ve been back to move runs that are 6 years old and there is no visible sign of rot. The way we designed these is that the first part that might deteriorate is the base timber. These can be easily replaced with fresh timber from your local DIY store without affecting the main structure. The roofing sheets should last around 10 years. Again, these can be sourced from your local DIY store.

Why do we use 19 gauge mesh when some people recommend 16g?

The wire gauge is only a measure of the diameter of the wire and not its strength. It’s a bit like comparing a broom handle and a carrot of equivalent sizes. Our mesh is a top quality, European manufacture mesh, double galvanised to give it a long life. We’ve never know any predator get through it.

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