Debris Netting

Protect against falling debris and dust, with cost effective debris netting / scaffold netting. 

Allows air to circulate and provides protection against rain, wind & sun.

Improves site safety and working conditions.

Key Info:

  • Made from high density Polypropylene
  • Strong, rigid, less stretch
  • UV stabilised for longer life
  • Ventilates scaffolding, reducing wind loading
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and unroll
  • Button holes for easy installation with cable ties
  • Full range of colours

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Product Information: Debris Netting 


How to use Debris Netting Description
How it works Contains debris within a protective scaffolding enclosure, preventing it and dust from escaping and injuring passers-by or damaging neighbouring property
Benefits Quick, easy to install and cost effective. Can be used for small or big jobs. Provides added protection against wind, rain, sun
Guide to installation Roll and cut to desired length. Attach to outside of scaffolding with cable ties, looping them through the pre-cut eyelets that line the edges. Also use cable ties wherever the mesh comes in contact with the scaffolding. Weigh down netting where it meets the deck
H&S notes Undertake thorough risk assessment before installation. Installations should be performed by experienced personnel. Inspect regularly 
Attach with: Cable ties (recommended 100 x 50m roll) or Tie wire
Uses Scaffold netting; Guardrail protection; Special event staging; Demolition, dust & debris control; Visual safety barrier; Wind break


Property Description
Material High Density Polypropylene (less stretch, slightly more rigid & better chemical resistance to debris netting made from HDPE) 
Construction Knitted, monofilament construction 
Appearance Knitted, woven, porous, multiple colours
Handling Lightweight, easy to cut, position & secure 
Resistance UV stabilised & rot resistant
Biodegradable Non-biodegradable but can be recycled