Soffit Vent Mesh

Heavy-duty polyethylene vent mesh to keep insects, birds and other pests out of soffits and other ventilation systems. The material is UV, rot and water resistant, perfect for long-lasting outdoor use.

Key info:

  • HDPE (heavy-duty polyethylene) to keep out persistent pests
  • Resistant to elemental damage including; UV rays, water and degradation
  • Long-lasting material
  • Minimal hole size to protect against insects as well as larger pests
  • Product can be cut to fit whatever shape you require


Full product details

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Product Technical Details

  • Material: HDPE (heavy-duty polyethylene)  
  • Length: 50m
  • Width: 1.2m
  • Hole Size: 1.9mmx1.9mm
  • Colour: Black



What is this product?
This product is a flexible mesh used for preventing birds, rodents and insects from entering soffits (such as arches or balconies) vents, and ventilation areas.

Why would I need to use this product?
It is necessary due to building regulations that require gaps to be left above an insulating ceiling to provide ventilation. These vents are easy access points for common pests like birds and insects, with soffit vent mesh used to keep them out.

What type of should I use?
There are several things to consider when purchasing it, starting with the size of the pests you are trying to exclude. Soffit mesh with smaller apertures is more suitable for mosquitos and other bugs, while stronger materials that can’t be bent are a better choice for birds and rodents.

How easy is it to install it?
The product is easy to install and can be cut with wire cutters or strong scissors, before being screwed into place.


Common uses

  • Soffit protection
  • Vent cover
  • Conservatory cover