Chicken Sitters in the UK

Interactive map of UK Chicken Sitters

Below is a map of chicken sitters in the UK.  If you know of one that isn’t included please Leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

Other options when you go away are to automate everything as much as possible so that a neighbour can look after your hens.  We suggest they are looked at at least once a day.

With a secure run, automatic door openers, large feeders and automatic drinkers all that is normally needed is the eggs being collected.

The AST Chicken Guard Door openers can open and close the door on your chicken coop according to light or time. There is as manual controls if you want to operate the door manually
An automatic drinker can save lots of work and they are also one of our cheapest drinkers. They can be feed from any large water container. Personally, I use these fed from a water butt that collects water from the coop roof.
A large chicken feeder that will hold enough food for while your away is not a big expense – these are only £10.50. Allow 120 grams of feed for each bird. This feeder is large enough to feed 6 hens for 20 days.


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